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We’re increasingly reliant on the smartphones in our pockets to keep in touch with friends, watch movies and TV shows, and get work done, among other tasks.

But the phones themselves would be meaningless without the software that, almost like magic, imbues them with new powers even their creators never thought possible.

i Phone and Android, Free The super-powered creatures that triggered a worldwide craze in the 90’s have finally reached the smartphone era.

Immediately upon launching in July, Pokémon Go became a massive sensation among seemingly anyone who owned a smartphone.

And it works with your existing contact book, so long as both parties have Signal installed.

i Phone and Android, Free Sure, Snapchat first came out in 2011, but it certainly came into its own this year — especially with the app’s “Chat 2.0” revision in March 2016.

Players fashion snowballs from strips of snow by swiping to roll, then stacking them in threes, large-medium-small.

A big redesign this year brought a more modern interface that’s still dead simple to use, and gorgeous to boot.

Try Signal, an encrypted chat app used by politicians, businesspeople and whistleblowers worldwide.

Signal offers complete end-to-end encryption, meaning the company behind the app can’t see what you’re sending and receiving.

Which means it’s hard to find public radio, a great source of news, knowledge and new music.

NPR’s new NPR One app can help — it’s basically a customizable public radio station that learns what shows you like and what topics you’re interested in, building a more personal feed over time.


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