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In the worst cases, the suit alleges, the impersonator requested a "rape fantasy." In one instance, Herrick says, a man refused to leave Herrick's apartment building, and wrestled with Herrick's roommate in the hallway until Herrick broke up the fight.

Others have screamed obscenities at Herrick at his workplace, stalked him outside, and tried to have sex with him in the bathroom of the restaurant.

"A malicious user is just running amok using their product as a weapon," says Goldberg.

"Grindr can control that, and they’re not."Grindr did not respond to WIRED's requests for comment.

"It’s the ostrich with its head in the sand strategy," says Goldberg.

Herrick says that Grindr, despite terms of service that explicitly disallow impersonating other people, never responded even after dozens of requests from him and from family members trying to help.Soon there were eight or nine visitors a day, and then more than a dozen, all finding their way not just to Herrick's home, but also to the midtown Manhattan restaurant where he worked.The unwanted suitors had gotten his phone number through the app as well, and bombarded him with messages, calls, and pictures of genitalia.Goldberg declined to share any of that evidence, however, preferring to reveal it at a later stage in the lawsuit.Goldberg and Herrick also declined to comment further on the ex-boyfriend or his alleged involvement in the spoofing attacks, emphasizing that Grindr is the subject of their lawsuit for allowing the spoofing regardless of who carried it out."It’s a living hell."Cases of Grindr catfishing and deception happen every so often on Grindr—sometimes with tragic results.But the Grindr impersonation Herrick describes in his lawsuit was a longer-term form of abuse with equally dangerous consequences.Goldberg said she had personally verified all the claims in the complaint."Any attack on my client’s credibility is countered by the voluminous evidence I’ve seen," says Goldberg, who has risen to prominence as a fierce advocate of victims of revenge pornography cases.The complaint states that the ex "would manipulate the geo-physical settings" of the app—a simple enough hack using GPS-spoofing apps for Android or jailbroken i Phones—to make fake accounts appear to be located at Herrick's home or work.The ex-boyfriend told WIRED in a phone call that he denies "any and all allegations" in the complaint, but declined to comment further due to what he described as another pending case that involves both him and Herrick.


  1. Jan 31, 2017. Get unlimited access + a free YubiKey. "That's me, but that's not me," he remembers saying. Herrick says three more men came to his home that first day, all expecting sex. and bombarded him with messages, calls, and pictures of genitalia. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed.

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