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It wasn't so much the fact that the first man didn't have lots money that I found to be a turn-off, as it was his bragging as if he did. Once you begin to peel back the layers of that person you see their true insecurities disguised as confidence.

I've observed that the people who are least apt to show off are often the most successful and self-confident---thus, they don't feel compelled to boast about their wealth or other good qualities to gain approval of the opposite sex. They may write in an articulate manner but anyone can look up a big word and use it in a sentence.

Kyttenwell im about to lose my house to the bankive lost my job and im signing on at the minutei have plums in the fridge except some beer and spring onions (i like spring onions though)so if any female alchemists want to sink their claws into me feel free but if its money thats gets the mind racing whether its male or female then i hope you get the person you you back here in a year when you get used and thrown away.toodles It's interesting how those who whip out the "gold digger card" are always the broke and bitters ones.

Bitterness is not an attractive trait to anyone---even to those who don't care at all about a potential mate's financial situation.thoughts?

With the advent of online dating, the methods we utilize to compete have changed---and not necessarily for the better. Nowadays, all this information is right there in the profile in plain view---hence, many people do embellish it.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...It's interesting how those who pull out the "gold digger card" are always the broke and bitters ones.Bitterness is not an attractive trait to anyone---even to those who don't care at all about a potential mate's financial situation.Some people are more private and choose not to show off in their profiles, however, they won't hesitate to boast about how profitable their businesses are.One man from POF bragged to me in a message about how much money he made on one weekend, while another man from Match was very unassuming and chose not to discuss his work or reveal his income until later after we'd met. For me personally, I prefer those who spend most of their time in the world of We or Others, our world views tend to better mesh. Men that 'fudge' their accomplishments are so desperate and insecure with themselves they feel that in order just to 'get' a woman they have to project (loudly, I might add) that they are successful beyond belief.I've had the same problem in the past but with me also being off the market it no longer bothers me when someone tries to inflate their social status in order to win my affections because they've already been won by someone else.:)Kytten I think you have no idea when someone uses the term "you" in a statement that they could be making a general statement and not actually referring to a unique individual and the "you" would be referring to people that are actually "gold diggers"I was speaking to the gold diggers out here as the OP clearly has made a shocking discovery with regards to the type of users on different dating sites...it's a known fact that people on Match that pay a fee for a dating site are much more serious and honest about themselves compared to a free dating site where the only investment is a two-page registration process.It turned out that the braggart was a laborer who did extensive heavy lifting, lived in a modest two-bedroom duplex and drove a 15 year-old van. In my experience, I've found these 'successful' individuals actually live out of boxes, have no personal pictures of family and friends on their walls and are extremely argumentative in every way simply because they just didn't make the grade in childhood and have something called 'arrested development' now that they're adults.In contrast, the man that didn't toot his own horn too loudly had a comfortable desk job, an elegant, brick, six-bedroom home, and drove a late model luxury car. They see one view (theirs) and one view only and didn't mature enough to know that being honest and forthright with their circumstances whatever they are is much more attractive than trying to paint an imaginary picture of success and prosperity.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Single people have always competed with one another for the attention of the opposite sex.


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