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Now there’s no questioning that the life expression that we call Earth (what some have come to name Gaia) has had its ability to continue in its present expression compromised.

The conditions leading to this threatening circumstance have been created in part by the human life forms inhabiting the Earth.

Before this conversation is over I will share with you exactly how do that.

And when you communicate with your soul you will understand fully what is going on here—on our planet I mean.

You will know that when the ability of life form to continue in its present expression is compromised, that life form adapts its expression to allow it to immediately become sustainable again.

It is in this way that life renders itself eternal.

Your voice is valuable and needed in this exchange, in order that the exchange itself may sparkle with the vitality of a wide variety of ideas, insights, and visions.

So do, please, consider POINTS I HOPE YOU WILL REMEMBER… * There is nothing to be afraid of if we all play our role in this shift.

Share both this book and your contribution to our New Cultural Story with everyone in your Address Book and on your Facebook page. Yet here is something that is not so observable: And I think, before the world and its people get too far along this road, we all need to be aware of that.* Our role is easy to play, and can actually be fun. * Return to that website any time during your reading of this book that you see something you want to discuss further.* What Life is inviting us to change is our Old Cultural Story. * Check out the website that has been specially created to allow the conversation that has been started here to continue. Create your own Topic Board if you don’t find the subject you wish to discuss already being explored there. As we contemplate all that’s occurring on our planet these days it is fair to ask, “Does this is this happening??? What is happening is happening because Life Itself is happening—and all of life moves in cycles, according to a formula.One look at how much has changed in life in the past three years will tell you that. We can participate in the Overhaul of Humanity or we can merely witness it—but we cannot stop it. This can be the greatest thing that has happened to our species since our appearance on this planet.So I’d like to have some exchanges with you as well about easing any struggle or negativity that may be present in your own personal life. The years just ahead, and some of the trials and tribulations we’re going to see, can bring our planet to a new and wonderful place when the process is complete.This formula requires that life progress through phases, based on principles of functionality, adaptability, and sustainability.Whenever the Nothing “dies,” and you cannot “kill” a thing. You cannot kill a person, you cannot kill an animal, you cannot kill a plant.I get that question a lot, from people in many audiences and many cultures. The soul’s departure from this physical life is never a sadness, but always a joy, whenever and however it happens.This does not mean, though, that it is a “good idea” to simply exit this physical life.It is for this purpose that you have come to this material. The New Cultural Story co-created here by adding your insights and inspirations and heartfelt hopes and dreams for our world will be placed before humanity in a separate book: So what you are reading now is not an ordinary text.If you are like many others, you have long been asking, “What can I do? This is your gateway to participation in what I am clear could very well be The Conversation of the Century.


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