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..parents are going to be mad if they get to know this If you are sure 100 % adopted.. At this point you should start noticing some tusks forming. Don't worry, you will become a full walrus by next week. No, but a guy and a teddy bear can be best friends.

Then, take a lemon and put it on your forehead for 3 hours without moving. In mesa Arizona that would make you the chief of police That's how you get a 'get out of jail free' card in Monopoly. But so true Only if you bring them coffee with it Can a girl and a guy be best friends?

Answers is an "answer site" where people ask and answer questions. There is a process to appeal a removal, but appeals are rarely granted, and if the deleted question is not appealed or if the appeal is rejected, the user loses an additional 10 points.

The doubts of its members can vary from "I have ate two whole tangerines in about two hours what will happen to me? According to CG (Community Guidelines) one is barred from creating new accounts, but many still do. A account and often answers questions in the Wikipedia category.

Your a person who doesn't know if you are a human or not. It means like, is it just called 'Yahoo Answers' because it contains answers or is it called 'Yahoo Answers' as in yahoo answers your question. Dumbass Yes your parents didn't know that - Rose Candy Music If poison expires, does it make it better or worse? It depends on whether or not you are in love with a unicorn of course it's basic logic I drank expired poison and I became a soda bottle. - Blueberry Catfish Is It Illegal to Name a Dog After a Movie? I don't think its illegal if you name your dog anything but its illegal if you name it donald trump sweetheart Nope, my dog’s name was “Frozen” until my hamster ate him. Then, take a toaster and put your hand inside of it. But fairy dust under your pillow tonight while putting a fork on your nighttand (any kind) then put any meat (or tofu as an alternitive, you can also use honey with chedder cheeze in it if you don't have meat or your a vegetarian) then slap a wall with a glove and say: BFF4L BFF4L be my BFF4L.

No, you're a majestic unicorn who farts rainbows - kaitlynrad11 No. How did you know if someone didn't tell you were actually adopted? No but its illegal to name a movie after a dog, (Beethoven, I'm looking at you). After that, you are going to want to grab one of your towels and wrap it around a squirrel with some whipped cream inside of it. - 3DG20 Only if they guy gets friendzoned - Yatagarasu Yes - Rose Candy Music No they have to be BFF4L and to do that they need to surf on Pizza-Shaped Pieces of wood and then do a barrel roll.

A loss of some faith on humanity right on the spot. - swagmaster97 This question is insulting to the Beatles. - 3DG20 If muslims ever were to infest and take over Italy, will they dynamite all of the priceless arts, Michalangel? Also, the artist you're looking for is named Michelangelo.

- Minecraftcrazy530 yes he is - toptendudes Can a dog get pregnant from sperm from a human because when I wasn't home my boyfriend got horny and had sex with my dog and i think shes pregnant... Is it wrong that I laughed at this while I am a Muslim?

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Yes, my brother was a kamikaze I was supposed to go with him but I overslept, everyone got mad at me but in 2017 I'll crash into the new tower but yes it's in New Zealand, but no worries no one cares anymore it's been 15 years. Osama moved the twin tower to Afghanistan - Cereal Guy No, it’s in Mars. Yes, they are all secret agents like those from mission impossible and are super ninjas because they are small; therefore they come with built in night vision. "Unfortunately, the follow-up query, "what kind of protection?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a serious question. His mother banned him from using Facebook otherwise all of his plans would be out He used to before it went mainstream Because Facebook was created by Jews. - Magenta_Flame No, you’re a wolf who lives in lava. this is not just OS .i have linux and vista both same thing so its not drivers Could it be the operator? I wish you the bet of luck ^-^ Is America a country? There is a country called america and there are two continents called North America and South America. And the country we live in is called the United States No, it’s a galaxy. Everything is upside down in Australia, so it rains from the ground. It's a Australian secret I shouldn't say anyone but I am saying you because you sound sweet yes it rains Yes Should America make China the 51st state so we can get better access to Chinese food?

Please don't be the person to kill my faith in humanity. And Justin couldn't even try to match the greatness of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. No you are a secret unicorn that pukes sparkles and rainbows that also farts magical gnomes. Do you understand You have to solve the equation first yahoo answers-yahoo answers equals 0 to the power of 6 so the answer is yahoo questions Of course the answer is W. :( - 3DG20 My mouse stop working every time i lift it up from the table why is this? Don't start it, because you could seriously hurt yourself, and we don't want that. I hope were friends by sunrise" 21-30 times (the more you say it ((even over 30,)) the more of a possability it'll work, and if it dose, youll be BBBFFF4LLL!

) who has his own forum that includes a section for Y! In terms of how right wing the users tend to be they're usually somewhere in between Fox News and Free Republic, with constant ranting being directed towards liberals, For a while around 2012 or so, the Tea Party movement began to lose momentum and the site became slightly more balanced. Nevertheless, one can usually find informative answers and users to balance the wingnuts and trolls; for example, this question on life in Somalia before its Civil War has quite a nice answer as the best answer.

In the Religion & Spirituality category numerous atheists, holding a significant if not majority presence (surprisingly, but understandably due to the ability to be anonymous and avoid real-life bigotry et cetera), although sometimes it seems for brief but notable periods there are high Christian concentrations.


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