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Krystal, seeking answers concerning her home planet's destruction, journeyed to the Lylat System, where she came to Dinosaur Planet (later known as "Sauria") after receiving a distress call during her search.

Upon arriving at Dinosaur Planet, the source of the signal, Krystal immediately learned of the troubles of the planet's natives, and their peril at the hands of General Scales and his Sharp Claw army.

She serves as the team's main telepath, additional fighter pilot, and she is also Fox Mc Cloud's main love interest (although Panther Caroso is also infatuated with her).However, Krystal only fared as far as retrieving the first Krazoa Spirit from the bowels of the temple.Upon releasing the spirit into the temple's interior, she was attacked by an unknown assailant (who would later reveal himself to be Andross) who imprisoned her in a crystalline cell at the top of the palace.Krystal became proficient in using a powerful staff weapon, as well as her natural abilities of telepathy.Cerinia was reported to be completely destroyed in an unknown disaster in which Krystal was the only known survivor.At the same time, the planet itself began to break apart, poised to explode.In an effort to turn the tide of war and undo the damage Scales wrought, the young vixen agreed to help the dinosaurs return the six Krazoa Spirits to the Krazoa Palace and save Dinosaur Planet from destruction.Yes it is, if you are not watching porn videos on extremetube. Personals section girls online you will be able to receive credit for the both order for him start to seek it in google.Free video chat — open to guests and free account holders alike, the chance of seeing real action is slim, but show content is down to the discretion of the models at the end of the day.In Star Fox Command, Krystal left Star Fox after Fox asked her to go out the team, and joined The Cornerian Army.Sometime later, Fox returned and begged her to rejoin his team which she gladly accept it.


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