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Commentaries and editorials go in WIGO: Blogs, as do blogs, You Tube videos, social media posts, and articles about any of these.Crazy commentaries, editorials, blogs, videos and social media items go in WIGO: Clogs.• You Tube • Age of Autism • Alex Jones • All News Pipeline • Before It's News • Ben Garrison • • Christian Newswire • Clogosphere • Daily Bale • Diamond & Silk • Drudge Report • ENENews • Eagle Forum • Erick Erickson • • Eye of Woden • Forbes • Free Republic • Globalresearch • Intercollegiate Review • Islamophobia Watch • • Less Wrong • Liberal Logic 101 • Mike Cernovich • Model Minority • Moonbattery • National Review Online • • Pajamas Media • Paul Joseph Watson • Red Ice Creations • Renew America • Smoloko News • Steve Milloy • The Blaze • The Gateway Pundit • Theodore Beale • • VDARE • WND • Webshites • What is going on in the clogosphere?

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Reports from the OCCRP, that a Greek-based Russian has been using a rent-a-mob of football supporters to cause damage to central Skopje over the Macedonian government’s proposed name change of the FYROM.Fake "wellness blogger" Belle Gibson has failed to pay a 0,000 fine for lying about being cured from cancer by "wellness" and alternative medicine and is now being prosected by the Victorian Government for contempt of court Brexit secretary David Davis resigns following major disagreements with PM Theresa May over EU customs arrangements.Update: also his deputies in the department Suella Braverman and Steve Baker have also resigned.In a press conference the President again decries the butchering of European cultures by immigration, drawing criticism from former President Bush.He was later criticised for refusing to follow protocol when meeting with the Queen in a potential insult, first by refusing to bow and then by insisting on leading.If an issue affects a specific country or countries, please remember to label it with the corresponding flag using the country flag template.Analysts from the International Energy Agency found that in 2017, despite a massive boom in the oil and gas industry of the United States, that country led the world in reducing carbon emissions, alongside Japan and Mexico, while most other countries saw an increase in emissions.Update: so has Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary. American tariffs on billion of Chinese goods kick in, leading to immediate equal retaliation; Trump now considers a 0 billion tariff to be an appropriate response.Update: Russia is joining in on adding tariffs to US goods.On the first day of President Trump's tour, things did not start well.He is declared a Fascist in Parliament by Dennis Skinner, drives past a 1000-strong protest, and personally offends Theresa May by saying no to a UK-US trade deal and supports Boris Johnson as a potential challenge to her authority in an interview with The Sun (she's already facing a possible No Confidence vote so that's definitely an insult).


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