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I felt like life was not worth living, and I wanted to die. I was ashamed and embarrassed, and I didn’t know who to tell or what to say. One night, I decided I was going to take them all, get in bed and read a book (one of my favorite activities), and drift peacefully off to death. To avoid suicidal thoughts, you need to keep yourself busy. Use brainstorming games like puzzles, switching boxes, tic-tac-toe, Sudoku, etc., to challenge your brain. By doing these things, you will make yourself think about something else other than your suicidal thoughts.

Somehow, I thought I’d just fall asleep and never wake up, but that wasn’t happening. Instead, they can give you good suggestions of fighting it with new techniques and activities that have been medically proven to help.

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I’m not sure if you’re in a crisis right now because you want to kill yourself (if you are, you need immediate intervention), or if you’re just starting to have some suicidal thoughts. Many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) exist to help patients who have suicidal tendencies. Various countries, such as Argentina, India, China, America, Mexico, Philippines, Berlin, Africa, Asia, Canada, and the USA provide counseling for preventing suicide.

Also, the feelings you’re having are If you’re an adult, please know that you’re not alone. In most of the cases of depression or negative thoughts, people lose their hope and start drinking and doing drugs to ease their pain. Suicidal thoughts always attack your mind when you are alone.

However, the pain subsides only momentarily, and these actions can create further problems. This will cause you to have more problems than you already have! To minimize this tendency, one should not stay alone. These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. By identifying your stage, you can see where you’re at and know that your situation or feelings are not permanent. One thing that will help you cope is by making new friends. Think of this time in your life as only a bad phase. Did you know that there are 5 stages to the grieving process? To top it all off, I was raised in a Catholic household where I was expected to save my virginity for marriage. If you will keep thinking about your problems, you will not be able to see the positive side of any situation. Never think that you are always surrounded by problems which cannot be solved. It is just that, at the time, you are not able to realize it. and I will tell you about this whole experience in a minute. Even if you are trying very hard to cope with your situation and STILL are not able to get rid of your suicidal thoughts, call someone for help. I also thought about killing myself for many years afterward but chose not to… and if you really want to kill yourself, read this right now. This will divert your mind from negative thoughts and will surely help you to feel better about yourself. Knives, razors, scissors and any types of pills should be thrown out or should be kept away from your personal reach. If you don’t like that one, here’s another resource for you. Tell me your problems in the comments and I’ll do what I can to help. It is better not to keep any life-threatening objects near you. I had student loans to pay off, and my credit card debt was piling up. Once you get back a response from the concerned person, talk to them and open your heart to him/her. But if you can focus on the positive things about yourself, you will see that you are not a bad person. I can understand it will be tough to you, but you will have to do it for yourself and others too. This is what drags you slowly towards suicidal thoughts.


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