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Free dating without credite card

I then asked for a refund (which only seems fair since I have payed for an order that I do not have!!! It is now 11/8/17 with no refund on my card or even a package!

Answer 1: The phone number for Forever 21 is (213) 741-5100. Answer 2: The CEO of Forever 21 is Do Won (Don) Chang. Answer 3: Forever 21 was founded by Do Won Chang & Jin Sook Chang in 1984. , if you like wash and wear clothes for one day you are good. The money has been taken from my account right away.Moreover I haven’t received the package…they have stole money from me and did NOTHING to correct it!Reply I have been employed at a Forever21 for a little over a month or so, and I have yet to see any paycheck.Today, the company’s focus is more on younger women.The first store, located in Los Angeles, is still in operation today. It was their first location inside a shopping mall. Reply I have been a very good customer for years here.Tagged as: forever 21 corporate address, forever 21 corporate headquarters, forever 21 corporate office, forever 21 corporate office email address, forever 21 corporate office fax, forever 21 corporate office phone number, forever 21 customer complaint desk, forever 21 customer complaints, forever 21 headquarters, forever 21 main office Bad customer service,! I do not have this item and have been change since June 15th. Since I have NOT received the package and/or the call and/or a refund I decided to call them myself.,,first of all I order a blouse in the store in Burbank June 15th. I paid with debit card and money was taken out that day. For this to be a billion dollar company you need to hired and retrain your customer service reps. I gave up on getting my money back from forever 21. I have tried multiple times to speak with the manager,but most of the representatives were rude and disrespectful….mostly useless and unhelpful…very disappointing.The s**t sucks and its like hitting the wall every single time. I spoke with Gholdwin, a manager, I explained fully what had happened to my daughter and her gift cards, she asked me to visit the store but told me she wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. She was pleasant and remembered my situation and tried to assist me by getting her store manager Ray to help me. Ray was accommodating at first, he said that it could take awhile as he would have to call corporate.I went online and noticed some items on sale and thought great like me put them in a cart before their gone. I gave him a receipt for one of the gift cards as it was a gift to my daughter for Christmas from my sister that resides in NY.I immediately called my bank and the gave me the authorization number, I called the number provided in the email from forever 21 and the CSR was of no help.so I replaced the order and the same thing happened again so I went through the process of calling my bank the mistake s coming from forever 21 and they can’t seem to get it.


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  5. Forever 21 was founded in 1984 by current CEO Do Won Chang and his wife Jin. Sook Chang The store was originally called Fashion 21 and targeted middle-aged women.

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