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done when necessary for clarity.) They are in date order, with the most recent stories at the top. The bottom section is a collection of stories of harm done to those who have used pornography or prostitution, etc., or who are still using it. pornography addicts and compulsive users, etc.) The top section is for everyone else's stories, such as sex industry survivors, sexual abuse survivors, etc.

(Some stories have been put in both categories when appropriate.) You can either click on the title of an individual story in order to read it, or you can just scroll down the page and scan all of the stories.

They told me that's what the industry wanted, but later insisted that I get breast-enhancement surgery.

The first few shoots were very basic, but then in the next shoot they informed me that I wouldn't be paid the full price or have my flight paid for unless I did the anal scene.

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(Except for a few minor punctuation, grammar and spelling edits, etc.I noticed something while performing sexual oral pleasure.(Which was never returned, so he was a restricting partner physically.) I noticed little scabs on his shaft. I thought, "OMG, he has some type of STD." So I confronted him, and he said it was from pleasuring himself earlier in the day.I think the scene included maybe 7 or 8 men, but it felt like 100.They gave me what they called a "safe-word," but I was so confused and worried about my body that I couldn't remember the word.I personally wasn't a porn star, I was a young girl in love with someone extremely addicted to porn, from the time I was 18 years old to 21.Once I started hanging out around him I noticed little control issues, but I just put them in the back of my head.And I don't really know if I can heal totally from those scars, but if you're out there and this helped you, let's walk hand in hand together. I would like to share my story about how doing porn has ruined my life.I'm from Ohio, where it's difficult for a girl in high school to find a good-paying job.He would verbally abuse me and call me fat, but it wasn't in the way one thinks.It was mentioning he likes skinny girls when I wasn't eating, or getting on me if I had a soda or anything like that.



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