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It is now the end of 2013, a year in which many more signs pointing to Jackson’s guilt emerged.

Some were high profile, others less so, but all add to the massive, undeniable jigsaw of Jackson behaviour that shows he could not have been anything but a pedophile.

I use Choice Boards in my classroom during small group time because these Choice Boards are allowing students to choose between literacy activities that hit all the fundamentals of reading (phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension).

While still to be decided in the courts, Wade Robson’s claim is shocking in which it details the level of abuse suffered at the hands of Jackson. To most, it would be surprising that sodomy is being alleged because we have never heard this claimed about Jackson before, but upon reflection it is not surprising at all.These Choice Boards are completely EDITABLE for any teacher and grade level use.You can decide what activities you want your students to complete.These activities are done on lined writing paper or scratch paper.Yes, I know it saves on copies and prep (another reason I created these boards).More than just reading a book quietly or drawing a picture.Student engagement will pay off in the long run and you will be able to put your entire focus on your small group instruction, which is most important. They want to feel like they are in charge of their own decisions.I have found that I keep changing the way I manage stations due to the fact that they never seems to run just perfectly.I clearly understand that when teaching 7 years olds, stations may not ever run smoothly.Teacher then also has a check list of work quality and behavior during Choice Time.And guess what is the best part of the Choice Boards?


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