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Step 4 – If the landlord prevails in court, the tenant has five (5) days to appeal.

If the tenant does not appeal and remains on the premises, landlord can file a request a Writ of Possession from the Court which, if granted, authorizes the sheriff to remove the tenant.

In addition to the Complaint, the landlord will have to file a Case Information Sheet and a Military Service Affidavit. There will also be a filing fee, the amount of which depends on where you file.

Step 3 – After the filing of the Complaint the tenant will have the option to reply to the court through the Original Answer.

Statement 3 – “Month To Month Tenancy” from the Landlord.

In order for a Landlord to inform a Tenant(s) that he or she will terminate the Monthly Lease Agreement these two parties share Thirty Days after the Tenant(s) receives this paperwork.

30-Day Notice to Quit (Month to Month Tenancy) – This form is to let a party to a month-to-month tenancy know that the other party does not intend to renew the tenancy at the end of thirty days.

In Texas, rent is due on the date specified in the lease.

If the tenant does not do either then the landlord may proceed to court to file a Complaint for Eviction.1 – Round Up the Paperwork The Texas Notice To Quit form, available for download by clicking one of the buttons by the image (on this page), will need information from the Rental Agreement or Lease it concerns.Locate the original, or a reliably legible copy, of the Lease and keep it accessible when filling out the Notice form.Te landlord should have two copies of the notice, because the court will need a copy.The following are types of notices depending on the reason: Step 2 – If the tenant fails to respond either by curing the breach or moving out within the requisite time period, landlord may then proceed to the Texas Justice Court whose jurisdiction covers the town in which the premises is located to file a Complaint for Eviction.This form will display the tenant’s side of the story and afterwards the court will give a hearing date.The court will then serve both parties of the date and time of the hearing.2 – Declare Recipient Name Each person who is to be issued a Warning or Notice must have his or her Name listed on the line below the form’s title.If the Name appears on the Lease, make sure to transcribe it successfully on this line.The second statement, introduced by the term “In accordance with your lease…,” will need three pieces of information.The Day, Month, and Year the Rental Agreement was Signed and made valid.


  1. The Texas eviction notice forms are used in the event that a tenant has breached a lease, either from non-payment of rent or other breach, and the landlord wants to him or her on notice that he or she will be commencing eviction also known as forcible entry and detainer proceedings in the local Texas Justice Court.

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