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With my hands on her ass I put more weight on them and really started fucking her harder.

I could hear her moaning into the pillow and could tell she was close.

I let her fall back down on the bed and grabbed her amazing ass again.

"Get all the way on the bed." I said moving my knee up on the bed.

"these are pretty amazing too." I said kissing her neck.Emily and I cleaned up as best we could and made our selves look presentable. "Ready as I can be." She said finishing getting her skirt flattened out.We were only a few minutes out from the college and our parents would be able to tell if something was wrong. We pulled up around the corner of the main administration building of the college and saw all the other students and their parents getting out of cars, unloading luggage, some parents were hugging their kids crying.I went over to the door and there Emily was still wearing that sexy skirt that I knew she didn't have any panties on underneath. You're funny, cute, Smart I just like spending time with you and to me that's just like you being my girlfriend ya know." She looked at me smiling. I was kinda afraid I was just some kind of kinky turn on for you. I thought you might think of me as some sick freak." "Nope, I think it's really nice. She looked back at me and slid her hand over my leg and started rubbing my cock.I smiled at her and grabbed her hand pulling her into my room. I know that some guys are into incest and guess you are too." She said laughing. You have always been really kind to me John and I want to make you happy." "Oh you do sis." I could feel my boner starting to poke up through my shorts at this point. "My RA took us all to the store today to get some stuff.We could fuck and make love as much as we wanted to.I slowly started pulling back feeling her pussy reluctant to let me slide out of her.I pushed into her finding the back of her pussy again and we started to find our rhythm.My hands rotated from her hips to her ass as we fucked.I got the pill while I was there." She said smiling at me."I was going to ask if I should use this." I said pulling a condom out of my pocket. My boner was sticking through my shorts rubbing against her.


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