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ARCHAEOLOGY’S VICTIMS OF WAR “Greek was the common language of the Eastern Roman Empire, which explains why the New Testament is written in Greek during the Roman period,” Wineland said.Hassan Darwish, the council’s field monitor responsible for archiving and topography, also noted they have managed to salvage some key pieces discovered by ISIS and sold off in local markets.“He could warn the others to exit through the other passage if they needed to flee.” The ancient space is carved out with narrow tunnels, complete with grooved shelves to offer light, which were believed to offer passage for worshippers.There are myriad escape routes in the tunnels as well, featuring large stones that may have served as hidden doors.

They were clueless the gate ran several feet into the ground down to something they might well have destroyed had they known: The ruins of an ancient Christian refuge, or early church, possibly dating back to the first centuries of Christendom’s existence, under the Roman Empire. I was holding everything in my hands,” Abdulwahab Sheko, head of the Exploration Committee at the Ruins Council in Manbij, told Fox News, as he led a reporter on a recent tour of the ruins. Here is where I think the security guard would stand at the gate watching for any movement outside,” Sheko explained, working his way through what he called the “first location” of the site.These include ages-old mosaics, some of whose faces were destroyed by ISIS before being pawned off.Manbij, located in northeastern Aleppo Governorate near the Turkish border, and 18 miles west of the Euphrates, was long considered one of Syria’s most ancient and prized townships.Also visible are three jagged steps leading up to what Sheko believes was an altar of sorts.The discovery of a so-called "secret church," dating as far back as the third or fourth century, A.SPY SATELLITES, DRONES, HELP EXPERTS DISCOVER LOST CITY IN IRAQ FOUNDED AFTER ALEXANDER THE GREAT There are still human remains inside the tombs.One local resident told Fox News he comes to visit the ruins regularly and has actually touched human bones — and watched them then “disintegrate” before his eyes.The cleanout process for this “second location” began in September 2017, requiring seven men, digging tools and a forklift.Sheko said there are many more potential ruins that have yet to be unearthed, but residential buildings above them makes excavation much more complicated.D., could be an important find, according to a leading American archaeologist.“They indicate that there was a significant Christian population in the area which felt they needed to hide their activities,” said John Wineland, professor of history and archaeology at Southeastern University.


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