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States vary on their laws, but generally there is not much room for changes in regards to when controlled substance prescriptions can be filled on a monthly basis.Writing "Earliest Fill Date" eliminates this guesswork.This is to aid with cancellation should the prescriber decide the patient does not require the prescription.Repeat dispensing prescriptions are available in advance of the interval date, and each dispensing system has functionality to be able to retrieve subsequent issues manually as well as automatic download.In Kentucky, postdated CS Rxs, the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy told me, are considered to be illegal prescriptions.

The “open drawer” policy is just that: pharmacy inspectors would open drawers during their routine inspections to look for hidden postdated CS Rx.

In late 2007 the US Drug Enforcement Administration promulgated .05 which stated that controlled substance prescriptions (CS Rx) must be dated the day they were written. From that point on, if a prescriber desired the CS Rx not be filled for a specific period of time, the CS Rx would have to be dated the day it was written and the caption “Do Not Fill Until ____” added to the prescription.

The federal regulation continues “A corresponding liability rests upon the pharmacist, including a pharmacist employed by a central fill pharmacy, who fills a prescription not prepared in the form prescribed by DEA regulations.” In short, pharmacists filling these CS Rx are in violation of the law.

If prescriptions are simply sent over to a pharmacy when they are "due", you could run into inventory issues, technological problems sending the prescription over, communication issues between the doctor and pharmacy etc...

Building lead time for controlled substance prescriptions is very important and can prevent delay in dispensing your medication appropriately and on time.


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