Ameliorate Quality If Your Life

To improve the quality of your life time , you will need to further improve your quality awareness toward whatever you do. Learn to be in concordance with our heavenly father to fill up all your life with passion and produce felicity around you to realize happiness for yourself in return. Take advantage from the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" and apply Jesus Christ teachings all told situations of your life time . The more you live in concord with heavenly father 's passion, the more felicity you experience altogether your life time . Heavenly father is love - you are made to God 's prototype , thus you are created to love like our heavenly father . To learn to love like our heavenly creator is the only purpose of life on earth. Once you learn to conduct a lifestyle without causing karma and without causing hurting to others, you have reached your aim of reincarnation and are prepared to return home to heavenly father . The better your quality consciousness in your daily piece of work, recreation and all other duties, the greater is your permanent readiness to produce the absolute best quality of passion too . Quality awareness is something that you either have or not. When you have a true devotedness to quality - then you have it in all your are performing - that includes smitten. Of course passion also includes sex. For more about Follow Jesus Teachings. Quality consciousness in your day by day life directly reflects on our spiritual being also and is expressed by a more divine, more refined and more efficient passion. Love in its total manifestations of a God realized individual can be shown in a vast number of ways. Only those services and creations that directly and solely are used to enhance the overall spiritual cognition and evolution of all all mankind toward finding their way home to God are of true and valuable spiritual nature. all other services aiming at making profits or just for the sake of developing something new, appealing or different are of zero spiritual content and value and usually of spiritually destructive nature. destruction can be manifold. many merchandises and services - almost all of today's industrial products and services - are taking aim at nets profit, enlargement or impact , creating or growing client basis and repetition business - repetition business happens to be the result of dependency . today's auto maker have zero interest of making a lasting automobile - a permanent car can only be sold once in a life time . Industry however wants humans to be little felicitous but more significantly coming back for updates, upgrades, care and repair and eventually after some time for a full replacement . industry has understood that humans need to be satisfied - however they most of the time provide minimum gratification resulting in the need to buy accessories and upgrades to get maximum more satisfaction .
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