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When underway, the Stingray, with a mere 505 horsepower, feels light and flicky. In this respect, the Z06 is meant to be something of a trans-Vette. But it's a Corvette that hangs out with Pagani Huayras and drinks good tequila.

The Z06 feels like it could blot out the Sun with violent combustion. In the Z06, you furrow your brow and tighten your grip. The words "singles bar" aren't printed in the owners manual. And believe me, the Z06 is truly a machine that longs for the race track: A few months back, I watched the competition version tear around Watkins Glen International in impressive fashion, being chased by Ferraris and BMWs. R, the GT racing version of the Z06.) Ever since the "Boogie Nights" third-gen Vette established itself in the collective imagination as the preferred vehicle of the male midlife crisis, Corvette has been trying to modify its reputation.

And so those creeping doubts combined with the Vette's, um ... However, the Z06, if experienced under proper conditions (that would not be on a 10-minute test drive) is adequately mind-blowing to alter this familiar psychological dynamic.

While the Stingray (technically the C7, or seventh generation of the all-American sports car) is a deeply compelling motoring experience, the better Vette is a way of life.That said, it's hard to tell if it will actually work.When Vettes were for guys going through changes, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, and Lamborghini were exotic imports. It used to be rare to spot a Porsche 911 in the American wild.Anyway, the first full day of vacation we spent pretty much just lounging by the pool, swimming and relaxing in the sun.During the day the pool was mostly empty, and often we were the only people in the pool area.The Z06, however, is a departure, and not simply because this is both the most powerful and most technologically advanced Vette GM has ever created.Inside and out, it was designed to Honestly, I think the engineers doth protest too much with the Zo6.They didn't really need to stretch quite this far, to reach for distant supernovas and figure out a way to reshape them as a drop-top two-seater that sounds like it has eight live volcanoes under the hood.But then again, you don't change hearts and minds by holding back.The Stingray is a Corvette through and through and therefore not a well-mannered Buick either in town or on the highway.But driving it is like piloting a Honda Civic when compared with the Z06's snarling mechanical dragon, which quite often feels as if it's powered by a Saturn V rocket that woke up on the dark side of the Moon. This Z06 can trace its heritage back to the 1960s, when the designation first emerged. That monumental LT4 eight-banger is a good example; General Motors says it's the most powerful engine it has created in its more than 100-year history.


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