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Fender squier serial number dating service

In 1957/1958 some serial numbers started with a minus sign ("-"), or had a "0" prefix before the number.

Also in 1959/1960 some serial numbers were at the bottom of the neck plate instead of the usual top.

Six-digit serial numbers with no preceding letters, with the first number being the year. Turns out, it was built in the Samick factory, in 1989. It's a lovely old thing, and just coming up to 20 years old!

In DESPERATE need of a re-fret or stoning tho, so if you know anyone reputable...

Just as MIJ shook off its cheapo image and fetch deservedly higher prices, I wouldn't be suprised if the Korean ones become more appreciated.

There's no doubt that Korea can and did make very nice instruments.

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I'm just curious (it's NOT going on Fleece Bay, it's just about my fave guitar - the guitar I keep coming back to, despite it being rather beaten up after all these years!

I've left it totally original, in fact, in lives in the case!

3 Way pickup selector fitted, but comes with a 5 way if you want to de-solder the three way...

Hi Guys, this may be of help to identify your Guitar. Serial numbers are basically chronological, but there is some overlap amoung years. As you can see from this over-simplified example, serial number assignment was fairly random. The only truely definitive way to date a pre-CBS fender is to look at all the dates on the instrument (body date, neck date, pot dates).

seems my Red strat was made in 2000/usa, and the Clapton Sig/series is 89 usa.. Regards Lou UPDATED New site to check out Serial Number - Electric1950 to Present (Identifying the Year) This info is from Fender's website (Fender Acoustic Dating available here)Pre-1977 Fender guitars have a serial number on the bridgeplate or neckplate.


  1. UPDATED New site to check out. Pre-1977 Fender guitars have a serial number on the bridgeplate or neckplate. Serial numbers are. CNXXXXXX VNXXXXXX Korean made Fender/Squier guitars dating unclear

  2. Mexican Fender Serial Numbers. Bandung dating site. Basically there was a big bin of zoo number plates, and the finest grabbed one, and looking.

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