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"I still stand firm, you can take your job and shove it.""Up your ass, I got plenty of class," Kid Rock immediately continues.

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We've all thought about it at times, most of us have.

And if I have any sort of influence over kids at all, I would say it's very un-fucking cool.

There's a Skymall catalog on the kitchen counter next to the bananas, empty Miller Lite cans and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

On weekends when Junior is not here and he's all alone, Kid Rock carries it with him from room to room.

He worked at the 76 carwash, did some DJ'ing, lived the life.Thank God I don't have an addictive personality.The whole of his Twisted Brown Trucker band agreed to get them one day last year in Chicago, just as was taking off – all except their drummer, Stephanie Eulinberg, who couldn't get past the fact that she was from Cleveland, and Joe C, who is hooked up to a dialysis machine for eight hours each night and, consequently, has no desire to spend any of the day with someone sticking a needle into him.Whether it's some kid with a trust fund that people tease because he's got a trust fund, you know."In his hotel room in Jamaica, Kid Rock plays me a demo of his new song "American Bad Ass," shouting along with the parts he loves the most, grabbing his crotch.Fucking junkies with fingernails all fucking dirty – or at least my friends were.Questions occasioned by puzzling or provocative moments in the Kid Rock lyrical canon, Number Four [with particular reference to: "This is for the questions that don't have any answers/The midnight glancers and the topless dancers ..."If Johnny Cash don't take this song, I'm giving it to you." And he sings a song he's written for Cash, "The Man in Black.""See," Coe reasons, "we could change that and say, ' I'm not the Man in Black.' Do the comparison thing.People can't understand that there's a balance there and that someone can actually do it.When he first sat down, Kid Rock was holding the armrests with the assurance he brings to most actions, large or small, as though it were the armrests' privilege to be supporting his forearms.Though he is the only one to need the bucket, most of us are feeling rough, and no one says much until we clamber ashore.


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