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Twin Kuznetsov NK33 engines, modified by Aerojet and cataloged as "AJ26-62" engines, will power the Taurus II first stage.

During the 1990s, Aerojet acquired rights to import about 46 of the engines from ND Kuznetsov Joint Stock Company Scientific-Technical Complex of Samara Russia.

Cygnus, based on Orbital's satellite design skills, would be developed and assembled in Dulles, Virginia and Greenbelt, Maryland.

Taurus II would be assembled and tested in Ukraine, in Dulles, and in Chandler, Arizona.

The first stage will carry 240 tonnes or more of propellant, weigh 18.75 tonnes empty, and stand roughly 28 meters tall.

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On February 19, 2008, NASA awarded a Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Demonstration Mission to Orbital.The net effect on the corporate parent's bottom line will be quite nice.He developed a Web front end while a fellow developer put together the data feeds.Aerojet negotiated a license to produce new copies in the U.S., but such production would require several years to initiate.has to go through beats the pants off of anything I've ever had to go through. He gets to work with a lot of intelligent and motivated people.He has been developing a new system to support a new product that has the possibility of earning his division several million dollars per year and saving the corporate parent several hundred thousand dollars per year.The initial development work was estimated to take about six weeks; pretty good since we only had eight weeks to work with.Orbital (OSC) began in-house design of a new medium-class launch vehicle, originally named "Taurus II" but now known as "Antares", in 2007.The 0 million project award, recompeted after NASA cancelled Rocket Plane Kistler's original COTS award, was expected to be combined with 0 million of Orbital's own money to develop Taurus II and a new "maneuvering spacecraft" named "Cygnus".Taurus II and Cygnus would be developed to perform a demonstration of commercial cargo delivery to the International Space Station (ISS).


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