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The report Trans fatty acids in Europe: where do we stand?

' identifies and summarises the available data on the content of TFA in foods and on dietary intake of TFA intake in Europe.

The freedom to pursue an occupational activity and freedom to provide services; 20. With cases and materials integrated throughout the text and recommended reading sections accompanying each chapter, the text is essential reading for all European law students at undergraduate or postgraduate level.The Commission report is accompanied by a Commission Staff Working Document – Results of the Commission's consultations on 'trans fatty acids in foodstuffs in Europe – which provides detailed information underpinning the findings of the Commission report.Origin labelling for fresh, chilled and frozen meat of swine, sheep, goats and poultry: Origin labelling for meat used as an ingredient On 17 December 2013, the Commission adopted a report for the European Parliament and the Council regarding the mandatory indication of the country of origin or place of provenance for meat used as an ingredient.In addition, this pack includes an updating supplement which sets out all key development since the text's publication. Mirroring the structure and approach of the main text, it enables students to link updating material with ease. Sovereignty and federalism: the authority of EU law and its limits; 6. The Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection considered a number of labelling issues.In order to provide a more coherent basis in the future and redefine the foundations of our approach, we launched a dialogue with our key stakeholders in our established consultative fora.Food law establishes the rights of consumers to safe food and to accurate and honest information.In the European Union, the labelling rules enable the citizens to get comprehensive information about the content and composition of food products.This document updates the previous guidance document on allergen labelling issued under Directive 2000/13/EC.Its purpose is to assist consumers, businesses and national authorities in understanding the new requirements of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 related to the indication of the presence of certain substances or products causing allergies or intolerances.


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  5. Labelling and nutrition. Food law establishes the rights of consumers to safe food and to accurate and honest information. In the European Union.

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