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The crew had to be on standby to ensure our safety,” the actress recalled.Being new to horseback riding, as well, Push revealed that their two-day training session barely prepared them for the shoot.The two easily charmed fans with some Malay words they picked up upon their arrival in Malaysia like, “Apa khabar? Push, who has been filming in China lately, also added his favourite Chinese phrases, “Ni hao ma? During a recent interview, the two recalled their most challenging experiences shooting “It was quite scary and a rather painful experience, and even quite dangerous. He meets his match in a down-to-earth girl named Prikkang, who is played by Esther, 23.

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Also, Esther professed an interest in the action genre, as it is something she had never done before. With Thai dramas gaining traction in China and Taiwan as well as Malaysia, Push has been getting acting offers outside of Thailand.One of it is the remake of the popular 2008 Taiwanese series Fated To Love (starring Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan).This series was so popular that it spawned a South Korean remake in 2014 starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara.Despite the herculean efforts of both Ethan Ruan and Tony Yang to win back the love (and trust in the case of Ethan) of their respective girlfriends, both Tiffany Hsu and Amber Kuo confirmed that their respective relationships with the actors have officially ended.Last week, Tiffany attended a press conference of her upcoming, very aptly titled PTS drama It’s Time To Wake Up and was grilled about the real status of her relationship with Ethan.The rumors of his constant cheating on her had been going on for years, but she had always been lenient towards him, always willing to forgive and give him countless chances.It’s not fair to her that she stood by his side when he was just a struggling actor prior to his Monga glory days, while he, on the other hand, remained steadfastly vague on his indecision to marry her even after being together for more than eight years. It’s time she finds herself another man who will know and appreciate her true worth.“The scene was shot using a different horse, which we were not familiar with.We rehearsed the scene while riding another horse during the training sessions,” Push said.plays the crown prince of Wuji City and Meng Fuyao’s true love.Her other suitors include Tiansha Kingdom prince Zhan Beiye (Gao Weiguang), physician and secret assassin Zong Yue (Lai Yi), first love Yan Jingchen (Huang Youming) and Yun Hen (Liang Zemu).


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  2. Jun 27, 2018. 2010TIBE Day4 Hall1 Monga Photobook Event Ethan Taiwanese actor and model. Wikipedia. Date of birth, 8 November 1982

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