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Error validating verification code java

These classes include factories for creating sockets.Using socket factories you can encapsulate socket creation and configuration behavior.

The implementations themselves may then be written by independent third-party vendors and plugged in seamlessly as needed.

Other JSSE implementations can be used for their client-side code outside the server as well. PROVIDER_URL, “t3s://weblogic:7002”); env.put(Context. SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, “javaclient”); env.put(Context. SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, “javaclientpassword”); ctx = new Initial Context(env); To implement Java clients that use SSL authentication on Web Logic Server, use a combination of Java JDK 5.0 application programming interfaces (APIs) and Web Logic APIs.

The following restrictions apply when using SSL in Web Logic server-side applications: JAAS is the preferred method of authentication; however, the Authentication provider’s Login Module supports only username and password authentication. Table 5-2 lists and describes the Java APIs packages used to implement certificate authentication.

Private keys and certificate chains are used by a given entity for self-authentication.

Applications for this authentication include software distribution organizations that sign JAR files as part of releasing and/or licensing software.


  1. Java Password Validation. The following code sample is used to perform simple password validation in java.

  2. Sep 11, 2017 · Input Validation Cheat Sheet. From OWASP. in Java, int in Python with. Email verification codes must expire after the first use or expire after 8.

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