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Equestrian dating

While this certainly shows you to be a fit and active individual who enjoys the occasional drink, perhaps you should just say that, instead of revealing a terrifyingly high level of focused dedication to your sport that might get those fit fellas (or laydeez) wondering where they fit into all this. My favourite food: Mc Donalds drive-thru (with the horsebox) This may well be true, but it’s probably better to say you like Italian or Thai. My ideal Saturday: Get up at 5am, bath and plait horse, load horse and drive 100 miles to show, compete in dressage/showing/jumping/xc, drive home, rub down and feed horse, go home, collapse onto sofa, drink a bottle of wine in front of Bake Off. There must be something you’re interested in, other than horses? How did people meet before the days of online dating? As a rider, you face the dilemma of being completely honest about yourself in your profile, and therefore giving away the fact that you will never love any prospective suitor as much as you love your horse, which could be off-putting, or lying, and ending up with someone who doesn’t like horses, or thinks they smell, or something. Perhaps treading some kind of middle ground is the way forward. That funny sound you can hear right now is thousands of potential dates clicking ‘next’ on the dating website. If you are like me and are dating a nonhorse person or you yourself aren't a horsey person, here are five things you should know before dating an equestrian.You might think it'll be awesome to take your girl out and brag about the fact that she can control a 1200 pound beast with her small body, but good luck actually getting her there. Did her favorite character in The Walking Dead die? Sure, you might walk in and feel like you are visiting a foreign supermarket.She might trick you into this by saying "Oh, this is so cute.Let me take a picture." Be prepared to stand for long hours with the most valuable thing in her life. You don't need to be so stressed out about meeting her family when she has placed her entire destiny in the hooves of her 1200 pound overgrown dog.

My boyfriend had never been around horses in his life (although he lived tenish minutes away from a race track) and had never dated anyone who was an equestrian, so this whole world was brand new to him.

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By the end of the day, you and her horse should share a special connection... The horse who throws her to the ground, who tends to nip at her, or can possibly kill you by trampling you in anger (which hardly happens), is the one you need to worry about.

If she thinks her horse doesn't like you, she probably will go with her horse's decision and break things off.


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