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However, slow blinking pace should not be mistaken as a sign of disinterest from the other person’s side.When both of you seem to be on the same page and have come close to each other, you can try to use the triangle technique of eye seduction.You can even look straight down after locking eyes with him/her and then stare at the person again.But the person has to watch you slide your eyes back and forth, only then will it work in your favour.Couple it with a bright smile and the person will find you irresistible.

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Once the person starts noticing you staring at him/her, you have to wait for an opportune time when you can make eye contact with him/her.Using your eyes to flirt with someone is exciting, safe and with no pressure involved.You can just stare at the person and if you get the same response from him/her, you can think about taking a step forward.The duration of your gaze can be longer when you are sure that the person is also reciprocating your feelings.By holding the person’s gaze for a long time, you will be able to break the ice between the two of you and become intimate with one another.By blinking your eyes multiple times, you will be able to drive across the point to the person that you like what you see and that you find the person sexually attractive.If the person also tries to match the pace of your blinking, then rest assured that he/she is equally attracted to you.The moment he/she is also staring at you, you can purposely make your eyes meet, at least for a brief while. The timing should be just long enough to send the message across to that person that you are interested in him/her.In the beginning, you have to ensure that the person is aware of you staring at him/her.Flirting with your eyes is the ages-old technique that holds the trick to melt and woo anyone you desire. When you try to catch the attention of another person through your eyes and try to let the person know that you are romantically interested in him/her, it is eye flirting body language that you exhibit.Your eyes are used to communicate your feelings to the person you like without actually talking to him/her.


  1. Flirting with your eyes across a distance can occur repeatedly over a long period or just for one poignant moment. Full Body Gaze. Full body gazes begin with an extended gaze, are followed up by a longer look over the mouth, down the body and back up to the eyes. This type of eye contact is brazen and highly sensual.

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