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English history georgian era dating

Queen Charlotte was put in charge of caring for the king.There was to be no council of regency, but against the wishes of the Whigs the regent’s powers to award peerages, offices and pensions were limited for the first year.The magnificent pair is crafted after a very similar cabinet, which was a special commission by the famed English novelist William Beckford for his house in Lansdown Crescent.Designed by the architect Henry Goodridge, the spectacular folly became known as Beckford's Tower.

In November 1810 the illness took possession of the king again, probably triggered by the death at the age of 27 of his youngest and favourite daughter Princess Amelia.

Beckford, a compulsive collector, housed his extensive collection there, and most of it remains on view there to this day, the cabinet included.

This pair, with its more detailed carving and elaborate ornamentation, is perhaps even more impressive than Beckford's example.

As it turned out, George III never recovered, while to the Whigs’ resentment the Prince Regent ignored his ties with them once he was installed.

The king was kept in confinement at Windsor, blind and deaf, unable to recognise his own family and holding conversations with imaginary people or people who were dead – Handel and Lord North among them.


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