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End of month dating period updating panther to leopard

As of 2.13.0 you can pass a bool as the first parameter of the weekday functions.

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From next major release you'll have to export it yourself if you want that behavior.

This is the grace period that expires on the due date.

The date at which the billing cycle begins depends on the type of service being offered and the customer’s needs.

For example, Dutch formats month abbreviations without a trailing period, but only if it's formatting the month between dashes.

The locale Data = moment.locale Data() locale Data.months(Moment) locale Data.months() locale Data.months Short(Moment) locale Data.months Short() locale Data.months Parse(String) locale Data.weekdays(Moment) locale Data.weekdays() locale Data.weekdays Short(Moment) locale Data.weekdays Short() locale Data.weekdays Min(Moment) locale Data.weekdays Min() locale Data.weekdays Parse(String) locale Date Format(String) locale PM(String) locale Data.meridiem(Number, Number, Boolean) locale Data.calendar(String, Moment) locale Data.relative Time(Number, Boolean, String, Boolean) locale Future(Number, String) locale Data.ordinal(Number) locale Data.preparse(String) locale Data.postformat(String) locale Data.week(Moment) locale Data.invalid Date() locale Data.first Day Of Week() locale Data.first Day Of Year() As of version 2.13.0 moment optionally includes a pseudo locale.


  1. After you have completed your month-end tasks, you should lock. places a temporary lock on the period before that date.

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