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Employers validating ssn

Employers use SSN Traces to help verify job applicants are who they say they are and to ensure they are not the victim of a fraudulent applications.

For more information about the ESR Social Security Number (SSN) Trace, visit

If applicable, the report will also highlight if the SSN is associated with a deceased person.

Identity authentication can be combined with employment, employer income and/or IRS income verifications for the utmost in applicant credentialing - all in a single source, Equifax Verification Services.

Effective June 25, 2011, SSN Validation tools used for employment screening background checks may have changes that include the following: Due to the Social Security Administration’s randomization of SSNs issued after June 24, 2011, SSN Validation tools used for employment screening background checks will not distinguish between a SSN issued after June 24, 2011 and a non-issued SSN where area number, group number, and serial number are not invalid.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) – a background check provider accredited by The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) – offers the ESR Social Security Number (SSN) Trace that provides names and addresses associated with a job applicant’s social security number, may indicate any fraudulent use, and may verify other applicant information such as past addresses.

Our identity service quickly delivers crucial intelligence for fraud prevention based on definitive data sources, giving you a cost-effective way to meet your compliance obligations, and to reduce risk in your customer or employee-acquisition process.

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As an individual, you may want to verify your own SSN to be sure that any applications you submit will not be held up.In 1938, a wallet manufacturer in New York wanted to promote its product by showing how nicely the new Social Security cards would fit into them.The company's VP/Treasurer thought it would be cute to use the actual SSN of his secretary, Mrs. A sample of Hilda's card was inserted into each wallet.This past year Payroll and HR Professionals have been bombarded with updates on the Social Security Administration's attack on mismatched Social Security Numbers.Sure, mismatched SSNs are a problem, but should employers be held liable to the extent of facing civil and criminal action? Speaking of mismatched numbers, what do you think is the most commonly misused Social Security Number? • 1 • 9 • 0 Believe it or not, it's 0.The Society for Human Resource Management recommends SSN verification as part of limiting companies' liability.The Social Security Administration offers the online Social Security Number Verification Service to legitimate employers, tax preparers, accountants, payroll agents and payroll services only for the purpose of wage reporting.You will receive a user ID and password that you will need to note at the time. Once you select the link for your request, the activation code will be mailed to your business. Key in up to 10 SSN's at a time for instant verification.Alternatively, you may upload a file with up to 250,000 SSN's and names. However, if SSN verification is part of a more comprehensive search, results may take longer as some investigators release the report only after all parts are completed and quality reviewed. Include SSN verification as a selected option when ordering a pre-employment background check from your background checking service.Verifying the person you're hiring is indeed whom they claim is an important step in safeguarding your company.Social Security Number verification is one of the best ways to ensure everything is above board including maintaining payroll and wage reporting accuracy.


  1. Performing an identity check is a critical part of the employment screening process. Confirm your candidate's identity by validating the information that appears.

  2. SSN verification and identity authentication that helps mitigate fraud and. Identity authentication can be combined with employment, employer income and/or.

  3. Note you are not be eligible for a SSN without a job and/or employment. If you hold F-1 or J-1 status, you must be "registered" or "validated" in SEVIS.

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