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A diagram is made to reflect the narration..is done like NFL coverage where the x's and o's and arrows and lines are drawn to indicate placement and moves, etc.) An x appears on the top of the building over Sydney. She turns quickly, speaks as she walks out; LINDA I'll be back in a while, Phil. Press One to hear this person's personal description of themself and Two to leave a a personal message of your own -- The SOUND of touch-tone phone pressing "1." JIM KURRING'S VOICE Well, hello.

NARRATOR Sydney Barringer jumps from the ninth floor rooftop -- His parents argue three stories below -- An o is marked to indicate their position. I have to go get some things and I have to see something and I'll be back.... CUT TO: A very straight ahead apartment in Reseda where JIM KURRING (30s) lives. -Jim watching and laughing a bit with the Today Show.

An ashtray has fallen on the floor, cigarette butts all around. The more you play games, the more suspicious I'm gonna become that you've been up to something.

Starting now I want you to have a new attitude with me.

CAMERA DOLLIES in quick as she ~norts a line of coke from her coffee table.... He's on top of her, she's below, CAMERA lands in a CLOSE UP of her face as she gets through the experience... Phil moves in next to the bed, pets Earl's head; PHIL How's today then?

CAMERA moves up and past her, finds the reflection of the TELEVISON in a picture frame on her wall....

Anderson picture 11/10/98 a Joanne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Company production OVER BLACK; NARRATOR In the New York Herald, November 26, year 1911, there is an account of the hanging of three men -- CUT TO: (Lumiere Footage Contd.) A man in period dress (1911) walks in the door. CAMERA WHIPS RT TO SEE: THREE FIREMEN battling the flames. CUT TO: CAMERA looks down on a blackjack game, BOOM DOWN and TILT UP to reveal: DELMER DARION (40s) NARRATOR Employee of the Peppermill Hotel and Casino, Reno, Nevada. NARRATOR -- as reported by the coroner, Delmer died of a heart attack somewhere between the lake and the tree. NARRATOR ...volunteer firefighter, estranged father of four and a poor tendency to drink -- Mr. He knocks, pushes the door open a bit, steps in: A very, very large black woman, MARCIE (4Os) appears, coming at him, ranting and raving; MARCIE What? JIM KURRING The door was open, I got a call -- MARCIE You're just come in -- JIM KURRING Calm down. JIM KURRING I got a call to this apartment, report of a disturbance -- MARCIE There's no disturbance.

And I Would Like To Think This Was Only A Matter Of Chance. CUT TO: CAMERA (STEADICAM) follows behind JIM KURRING. Is anyone else, besides me and besides you in this house?

CUT TO: Back to the fight DELMER and CRAIG HANSEN are having: CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK TOWARDS Delmer on the ground with blood coming from his nose. NARRATOR And I Am Trying To Think This Was All Only A Matter Of Chance. We hear same screaming and yelling coming fram behind the door; NARRATOR The neighbors heard, as they usually did, the arguing of the tenants -- QUICK DISSOLVE TO: An ELDERLY COUPLE (early 60s) are savagely fighting and throwing things. And We Move Through This Life We Should Try And Do Good.

Image goes into MOTION with Sydney jumping..ARROW is drawn that displays the PATH of his fall -- NARRATOR Her accidental shotgun blast hits Sydney in the stomach as he passes the arguing sixth floor window -- Freeze Frame shows Sydney, hanging mid-air -- the glass shattering and starting to fall to the ground -- an X marks the spot where he is hit. Main title que begins, then carries over following until noted: Tit Ie Card: New Line Cinema presents Title Card: a Joanne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Company Production Title Card: a P. Anderson picture CUT TO: CAMERA DOLLIES IN Super Quick on a flower.(time lapse,bud blooms) Freeze Frame, continue w/optical Zoom and rotate 360 degrees;total blur. Mackey, Master of the Muffin and author of the Seduce and Destroy System of audio and videocassettes that will teach you the techniques to have any hard-body blonde dripping to wet your dock! TELEVISION CLIP continues and we see DONNIE and two other KIDS receive a check from the younger JIMMY GATOR in the amount of 100,000 dollars each. SOUND of a 1-900 PERSONAL DATING SERVICE plays over following quick shots of Kurring getting ready for his day; -Jim is sipping his morning coffee, reading the paper.

NARRATOR He is killed instantly but continues to fall -- only to find, three stories below -- a safety net installed three days prior for a set of window washers that would have broken his fall and saved his life if not for the hole in his stomach. Flash title card: CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK towards a TELEVISION in a living room. FRANK In this big game that we play it is not what you - It's What You Take. CAMERA moves INTO THE TELEVISION, QUICK DISSOLVE TO: We are in the video (paneled 1.33) sales pitch/infomercial. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in quick as Rick sits in the car, engine running, watching Stanley struggle to get himself and the backpacks in; RICK There's no reason for this many backpacks. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in on an old television set playing a clip from "What Do Kids Know? CU - Young Donnie Smith as he smiles, accepts check, shakes hands with Jimmy. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in towards Donnie as he pulls into the parking lot in his little HONDA ACCORD. PEDESTRIAN #2 Quiz Kid Donnie, why'd you drive into the seven eleven?


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