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Ed westwick dating leighton meester

I haven’t completely, because of all the love I’ve been getting on the Facebook Page, I’ve done recently and I don’t think I will. -Leighton Meester: I don’t think It is, though I wouldn’t mind doing another season. I loved shooting that scene, because at the time I didn’t knew Crawford and It was bit awkward but then It was fun.And favorite line is when Blair says “ But everytime I try to move on, you’re right there. Lina Grivogianni: You both have been working in movies.The joy was coming from the end, because was all I wanted, Chuck and Blair together forever.Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester will always be one of the most beautiful couples on screen.Lina Grivogianni: Do you know if “Gossip Girl” will come again on TV? -Leighton Meester: As you know I have a Twitter, and when I can, I’m always checking my tweets and talking to them, because it makes me feel like I’m close to them and that we have a bond and I like the feeling. -Ed Westwick: My favorite scene is the last one of season 4 of Gossip Girl and favorite line would be “ I’m Chuck Bass “ of course!Is there any chance to see a movie or a new season? -Ed Westwick: There isn’t any chance that Gossip Girl is coming back. Lina Grivogianni: If a young actor came to you and asked for help or advice, what would you say, would you guide him? If I needed help, I’d like If someone had done the same for me. In fact, I have spoken to a 16 year old a month ago about acting and I could tell in her eyes, that she wants it and she has what it takes, to be big! -Leighton Meester: I loved as well the last scene of season 4, where Chuck gets shot but also the first from Season 1, where I’m in bed with Crawford.Lina Grivogianni: “Gossip Girl” was part of your life for six years, what did you get from that experience? I didn’t change the way I was, I’m still the same Edward of six years ago… What do you think about your characters relationship?Have you ever done something crazy for love or would you? Love is good but only when the person you love, loves you back! I’m incredibly close with Leighton, she’s a lovely girl. -Leighton Meester : Ed is such a great person to work with, always so funny but with such talent, that it makes enjoyable to be around him. Lina Grivogianni: How was life all these years while you were living in NYC? And I’ve heard wonders about it, even if the country is going through a financial crisis, at the moment. Lina Grivogianni: What are your plans for the future as actors and as musicians? -Ed Westwick: I’m already working in a new project and I hope you all like it. -Ed Westwick: I’m living the dream already, all of this is a dream!

Although when the last season’s final episode finished I felt both joy and great sadness.I was really excited about working with him and he’s a really chill and down to earth guy.-Leighton Meester : Oh god, Gwyneth Paltrow is just so beautiful and she’s so talented and It was more than an honor to work with her!She played an old Dan Humphrey’s childhood friend Vanessa Abrams.Jessie portrayed an underground girl that was fighting against rich and cruel Upper East Siders, though she started to fight them for all the good reasons, later she used the same methods as her hated people and that was fraud, blackmailing and harshly messing with other people’s lives.Do you like to tell me more about your experiences?-Ed Westwick: Working with Di Caprio was such an honor, the man is my hero and working with him made my whole year.Rumors say that Ed Westwick‘s girlfriend cheated on him and not only with his friend, which is bad enough, but with several other guys too.Obviously, she broke poor Ed’s heart and their deal was closed for good, even though Jessica tried to win Ed back, she couldn’t.I think she was 20 and I was 19 when we started the show and it’s such a kind of development stage of young adulthood. Ed I know that you and Chace Crawford were roommates for a while, how was that? -Ed Westwick: I can describe it in one word: “ CRAZY “. I’m really into all the dresses thing, and I just love going out and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. You have a big audience in Greece, do you know that? -Leighton Meester: I’m at moment recording my new album and working in a few projects and I’m really excited about it. -Leighton Meester: I don’t think so, though that would have been a great idea coming from Crawford. We’re just normal people trying to live our lives, even though we have all the paparazzi behind us 24/7. -Leighton Meester: Exactly, all the love we have, all the support from our fans is a dream and we couldn’t thank you enough.It was a good experience, we both had fun, though the house was always a mess! I have and I’m just telling you, the minute you walk in, you can tell boys were living in there! -Ed Westwick: To me, it is not a big deal actually. Lina Grivogianni: You are very active in social media and really close to your fans. -Ed Westwick: I love my fans, I love hanging out with them or just sit on my computer for hours, reading everything they send me. Should we expect you to visit our country in the future? Lina Grivogianni: Is it true that Chace Crawford wants to make a “Gossip Girl Band” with all of you? Lina Grivogianni: How related are your lives to GG world, and I mean the Upper East Side and all? Lina Grivogianni: Would you tell me your favorite scene and your favorite line from your roles as Chuck and Blair?


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