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Ecuadorian dating sites

I wouldn’t say I had high hopes for them, but I had some kind of “hopes” for girls in Ecuador and they quickly vanished.

I spent a little time in Ecuador and ended up getting out as fast as I could.

I found the girls in Peru to be a little taller and Lima had more white skin than any city I saw in Ecuador.

I’m not saying your can’t find hot chicks in Ecuador. All I’m saying is that it might not be worth your time.

Nightlife can be hit or miss throughout the whole country (sans Montanita).

In Ecuador, I recommend these sites: Latin American Cupid – If you really want to meet some hot girls in Ecuador, I recommend .

Extra strong Spanish Fly, get LAID, click here: h Girls in Ecuador are neither pretty hot nor are they that easy (this is quite relative).You can find some cute chicks in Ecuador, but you’ll get better value in a number of other countries in Latin America. But seriously, English is spoken by a lot of local women, especially in Quito and Guayaquil. As always – the best thing to do is see for yourself! And her throat hurts from rejecting one guy after another. The national uniform for the women in this country is jeans and sneakers. She’s not as overweight as your average American woman, but her sense of “style” can definitely compete. Anyways, you have to survive without long legs in high heels. You can definitely meet more English-speaking Ecuadorian women than Cuban women. The major cities will have some chicks online and they love gringos. Ok Cupid – I always use Ok Cupid when I travel because most guys don’t. And while I’m not a huge fan – the girls in Ecuador are not that bad.If you’re only spending a week or two in Ecuador and you want to make sweet love to a sexy senorita – then you’ll need this site. I found the girls on Tinder in Ecuador less reliable than the girls on Latin American Cupid. You can burn Ok Cupid in any city in Ecuador in half an hour . I mean – we are not talking about the “infamous Bolivian levels of ugly” here.Look at this: From Global Seducer: Oh, the white girls. She belongs to the You won’t see any of that on your first date with an Ecuadorian girl. She’s not your typical Latina, more the girl-next-door prototype. There’s just one big problem: The local slang can be a bit tricky. Some of the most beautiful women in the country have white skin. The local guys constantly remind them of their beauty. It’s really hard to seduce a Caucasian Ecuadorian woman. Ecuador doesn’t get rave reviews online, but I had heard some good things. After a few experiences with Ecuadorian girls, I quickly changed my mind on investing much time in the country.And I still have no idea what happened to girls in Ecuador.Surf is only consistent during certain times of the year. This is the only reason I’d ever go back to Ecuador. Here’s an article on learning simple Spanish to meet girls: Learn Spanish, get laid: https://masculineprofiles.com/how-to-learn-spanish-fast-flirting/ If you are trying to meet chicks in Ecuador, then you’ll definitely want to give online dating a try.Just like in Peru – you won’t see many girls walking around during the day that are attractive.


  1. Online dating sites in Ecuador are huge and are similar in size and quality to what you would find should you decide to do online dating in Peru.

  2. I went pretty hard on Ecuadorian girls. Are Ecuadorian Girls that Bad. This is the best way to go, Latin American Cupid dating site.

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