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Eclipse java search updating jsp index

Since then, our test suite has grown to include items that actually start Jetty and run full integration tests, so we can be sure that Jetty works correctly. As of Solr 5.0, the file is a little bit harder to find and the startup scripts included with Solr in the bin directory are specifically designed to run Jetty.

Also, Solr supports a schemaless mode in which previously unseen fields' types are detected based on field values, and the resulting typed fields are automatically added to the schema.

The dest field may by a full field name, or a wildcard expression.

A common use case is something like: This tells Solr to copy the contents of any field that ends in "_t" to the "text" field.

The admin screens are implemented using JSPs which require a JDK (instead of just a JRE) to be compiled on the fly.

If you encounter errors trying to load the admin pages, and the stack traces of these errors seem to relate to compilation of JSPs, make sure you have a JDK installed, and make sure it is the instance of java being used.


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