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Droid x news widget not updating Adult chat and websites

I have tried about a dozen other RSS and News widgets and none of them even come close to replicating the functionality of the default one. Also, If you have any other RSS news widget suggestions, I'll take that as well..

I have a news & weather widget on my Nexus S home screen, set to show the weather for my current location.

Your Social Networking Updates widget will update automatically.

DROID X will aggregate all your social networking accounts in one place and provides updates back and forth between your accounts and the handset.

I noticed after midnight on New Years' that my brandy-new Droid 2 Global no longer updated Facebook (using the native Moto "Social Networking" widget) and no longer updated the News Feeds.

Soft-reset no help, tried syncing all the networks, no help, deleted and replaced the widgets on the screen, now whenever I tried to connect the Facebook widget on the Settings Accounts feature, it returns "Error adding account - Your request was denied, please try again." When I try to subscribe to a news feed, I get "Error - Try again later." It's been doing this for three days now.

Initially I thought it was a bug with the third-party widget but I have now confirmed the problem occurs with two different widgets (Beautiful Widgets and Clockr) and even the Moto Analog Clock widget.

When I reboot the phone, the widget begins updating normally but afterwards it just stops at seemingly random times.

Review the FAQ below to learn how to fill up these widgets with information from your social networking accounts or customize them for optimal handset access and personal organization.I tried various clock widgets and since upgrade to GB, the time does not update, the clock on the top status bar will have the correct time and the widget will show like 2 hours ago.If I tap the widget, it refreshes and shows the correct time, otherwise it's stuck.I just installed beautiful widgets but it's not updating the time.i have advanced task manager installed but have beautiful widgets as an exception so it won't kill it. The summary of what I'm doing is, when the update is needed, I send a broadcast which is registered in the Widget Provider in the Manifest, upon receiving it in on Receive, I extract the values and update the widget, however, the the widget doesn't get updated.I tried updating it directly in on Receive, tried calling on Update manually, and tried updating the widget outside the provider but with no luck.Same thing when I delete and re-add the widget to my home screen. Widgets are small apps on the DROID X home screen used for almost everything from turning off/on Wi Fi or Bluetooth, accessing specific phonebook contacts, to displaying of all your social networking account updates, status announcements, and messages.In its settings, I have it set to update once an hour along with automatic location tracking.Neither of these things work anymore since about a month ago (possibly the 2.3.4 update? I have background data enabled, sync enabled, and I don't have any battery saver style programs.


  1. I just got my Droid 2 Global for Christmas and a few days later it stopped updating my social networking widget as well. It gives me errors about updating, then I tried to re-enter the registration information and I receive errors galore.

  2. You are referring to the LPP calendar widget. You are correct in that you must click refresh each day to keep it up to date in displaying "today's" correct date. However, the OP is referring to the Blur calendar widget. He did not indicate what launcher he is using.

  3. Droid X News Widget. This is a discussion on Droid X News Widget within the Droid X General Discussion forums, part of the Droid X Discussion category; I recently loaded RubiX 1.0 on my Droid X. Rom is fantastic but one of

  4. Nov 13, 2009. I just installed beautiful widgets but it's not updating the time. i have advanced task manager installed but have beautiful widgets as an exception so it won't kill it. same thing with other time widgets as well.

  5. I've had this problem as well for the past three or four days on my HTC Desire. I use ADW launcher as well. I also have a problem with my Pure Calendar widget not working at all since the most recent update - it just says "Problem loading widget".

  6. Lately I have been having a problem with the clock widget on my home screen not updating. Initially I thought it was a bug with the third-party

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