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2) iwlagn revert as a workaround for behavior which has been found to hard-hang some wireless APs. 3) FIB rule insertion can trigger BUG in fib_nl_newrule() if the rule already has a ctarget. 4) Fix DMA address validation in IXGBE, from Jesse Brandeburg.

5) Fix tg3 VLAN regression on outbound packets, from Kasper Pedersen.

g) Fix TCP option lengh calculations in nf_ct_tcp's tcp_sack(), also from Jozsef.

3) Socket address hardening in inet_bind() broke some apps, loosen the checks so they work again.

Bart De Schuymer (1): netfilter: ebtables: fix ebtables build dependency Ben Hutchings (2): Revert "sfc: Use write-combining to reduce TX latency" and follow-ups sfc: Use 64-bit writes for TX push where possible Brian King (1): ibmveth: Fix DMA unmap error Daniel Mack (1): can: ti_hecc: include linux/io.h David S.

Miller (3): Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../kaber/nf-2.6 Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.infradead.org/users/linville/wireless Merge branch 'master' of ../netdev/ David Ward (1): net: Align AF-specific flowi structs to long Dmitry Kravkov (6): bnx2x: fix BRB thresholds for dropless_fc mode bnx2x: decrease print level to debug bnx2x: fix MF for 4-port devices bnx2x: don't reset device while reading its configuration.

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23) Fix EEPROM signature handling of e1000 devices on HPPA. 24) ipv6's datagram_send_ctl() needs to adhere to the socket's -transparent setting, fix from Maciej ¯enczykowski. The following changes since commit 9e79e3e9dd9672b37ac9412e9a926714306551fe: Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc (2011-08-30 -0700) are available in the git repository at: git://github.com/davem330/master Andi Kleen (1): IRDA: Fix global type conflicts in net/irda/irsysctl.c v2 Anton Blanchard (3): ibmveth: Fix issue with DMA mapping failure ibmveth: Checksum offload is always disabled ibmveth: Fix checksum offload failure handling Ariel Elior (1): bnx2x: Fix for a host coalescing bug which impared latency.

e) Fix translation of peer's call-id field in nf_ct_pptp when both the server and client are NATed, from Sanket Shah.

f) Fix handling of invalid TCP options in nf_ct_tcp, from Jozsef Kadlecsik.

As usual, the majority of the stuff is in the drivers, with only a few protocol and generic networking fixes here and there.

1) Fix DMA mapping failures and checksum offload failure handling in ibmveth driver, from Anton Blanchard and Brian King.


  1. Connection problems with OpenWRT dd-wrt v24. with kernel 2.4 and the broadcom driver. Driver 'sd' needs updating - please use bus_type methods.

  2. Though there are other methods, use. Please use - existing. the lowest +representable value is 480 RPM. + +This driver supports RPM based control, to use.

  3. Please pull, thanks a lot. netfilter needs to use rwlock_init, from Thomas Gleixner. Updating driver version Ying Xue 4

  4. I got the following output after doing dmesg grep sr sda4Driver 'sr' needs updating - please use bus_type methods

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