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You're on Blue Bloods and Wahlburgers, you executive produce Boston's Finest, and you were touring with New Kids on the Block. I've always been able to multitask in my career and make it work with my kids. Back then we made music for our fans that we enjoyed, and now we make music for our fans that we enjoy. Fortunately, I'm now married to someone who likes to spend as much time with me as I like to spend with her, and we're both starting to see that it's less important to fit our relationship into our careers than to fit our careers into our relationship. You were a teenager when NKOTB exploded onto the scene. That's the secret: Don't get caught up in what we want, but pay attention to what the fans want and do it in a way that we also enjoy. To move past this devastating loss, the shrink cued Danny to lean on his large, loving family. After all, Danny noted, tears welling in Wahlberg’s eyes, “Linda’s the one I always lean on.” Capping Wahlberg’s gut-punch of a performance was a quiet scene, where Danny was invited to sit down for a first dinner at the new home Erin & Co. I can’t do this without my wife.” And seeing the lost, emotionally dead look on Wahlberg’s face, we began to realize — oh crap, he means . I wasn’t,” Danny lamented, seizing blame for the series of events that put ER nurse Linda on a medevac helicopter that wound up crashing.After that, we’ll chow down on…Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester help children and youth develop the skills they need to succeed through life-changing programs, community-based services, and supportive relationships with peers and caring adults.

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The one person I kept coming back to again and again was his manager, Scooter Braun.

This is where Howard is a fantastic interviewer, because he not only asks what the audience likes to know, but he is a very advanced gossip.

There’s another clip floating around that is far more interesting, concerning Donnie Wahlberg and his brother Mark.

Donnie clarifies that no, there was no beef from either side. Even when Howard pushes on the wedding, you can tell Donnie has thought about it.

When Marky Mark went to Hollywood he needed distance – distance from the Funky Bunch, distance from his boy band brother, distance from being the next Vanilla Ice (think of how easily that could have happened! So, he had to ice out some parts of his life, and Donnie was part of that. He asserts that both he and his brother work 340 days a year, and with that precious little time off, they need to be with their family (one of Mark’s children had a birthday the same weekend as the wedding).


  1. WebMD Magazine interviews singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg. The morning after a tour date in Las Vegas, I go to work on Blue Bloods at 6 a.m. On breaks.

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