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There will usually be a 10 minute break half way through to refresh drinks.

After the event finishes many guests stay around to continue chatting.

When the speed dating starts, guests will sit at the table corresponding to their badge number. Each date is around 3-5 mins depending on how busy the event is.

Between each date, the host will ring a bell and move the gents on for the next date.

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Now, the likes of Tinder and Bumble represent Generation Y’s status quo.

There is such distinct internet etiquette these days that it’s easier to tell if Kara, 22, is in fact, Bob, 56, based on what’s been said.

We live in a culture of quick convenience – see self-service in supermarkets, contactless cards or Deliveroo.

You can get both ‘dating’ and ‘friendship’ matches from speed dating events.

We always recommend contacting your friend matches too – you can never have too many friends and expanding your circles and doing new things is always a great social boost.


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