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Dirty chat cybersex no sign up

And Brandie wasn't shy, with him, or me, about the fact that she liked Matt's pictures and was willing to have sex with him.

So, eventually, Matt decided to meet us and possibly join us in a threesome.

He had never done that before, but found the idea titillating and he was also turned on by the pictures of Brandie he had seen, so he was talking to us about how this all worked.

I enjoy talking to anyone about the HOT Wife sexual lifestyle and don't mind sharing our experiences with others.

But for the entertainment of everyone, and the possible education of those looking to get into this sort of thing for themselves, I'm going to relate one of our experiences in the following story.I tried to get my first wife to do it and she never would.The break up of that marriage had to do with a lot of other things than her lack of willingness to indulge me in my sexual fantasies.But once we met, she was turned off by something about him and so we ended up not having the threesome with him.Although Brandie had the final decision making power about who we actually had a threesome with, I did as well.So, while he was charming Brandie right out of her G-string, I didn't get a good vibe on the guy, and so I would veto any threesome happening.Brandie has always respected my intuition on this and so even if she thought the guy was right, if I said no, she didn't argue with me.Brandie has a natural exhibitionist streak in her, that she really never knew existed.I brought that out in her and through a long drawn out process, I showed her that her desire to be looked at by other men went a little deeper than just being attractive to the opposite sex, which is of course, what every woman wants to do.I don't know that there is a typical threesome, because there's differences in every one of them.Different people, different ways they meet, different situations and places of the sex, and this variety is one of the things that keeps the HOT Wife lifestyle so fun and exciting.


  1. Hahaha I remember during one of the temp threads I asked about how the Onion house caused the people there to break out, like if the place was dirty or what looking back it was obvious that it was stress-related.

  2. My wife, Brandie, and I, have been into the HOT Wife sexual lifestyle for a couple of decades, now. I've often been asked, by couples, interested in trying that for themselves, or by men, interested in becoming the other man in a HOT Wife threesome, how this lifestyle works, and what is a typical HOT Wife threesome like?

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