Diggy dating

With the passage of time, he has grown up to be an exceptional young man.This is the reason that number of pretty girls will dream to find him. Usually, Diggy Simmons doesn’t talk about his personal life, in term of dating.

This started speculation among fans that the couple had broken up, and on October 5, 2016, Ryan confirmed that they had.

Though both of them made a good looking couple, and they had some future plan to. For sure, soon he will spot with his new love lady!

Probably, in term of finding a loyal partner, he is preferring to be unattached.

Ya know, she made a decision that because I love her, I have to respect and ya know...was there for me when we were filming [The Rocky Horror Picture Show], we were still together so I hope she's feeling this energy right now, because it's all happening, here we are.

Dove and Ryan first met when the latter was auditioning for the role of Diggie Smalls. On September 2015, the pair announced that they were starting a band called the Girl and The Dreamcatcher and their first single was going to be called Written In the Stars.


  1. Diggie and Maddie are close friends and are dating. They were originally the main romantic couple of the show, alongside Liv and Holden, before Josh and Maddie started dating. They debut in the series premiere. They are portrayed by Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, who were engaged in real life see Dove and Ryan relationship.

  2. From left to right JoJo, Rev Run, Russy, Justine, Vanessa, Angela and Diggy at the bottom with Miley.

  3. Diggy Simmons has been linked to Jessica Jarrell in the past and most recently Destiny Thompson.

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