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Dhl tracking not updating

Agree, it's a frustrating process requiring patience – it would be easier if they provided more information on their website and have someone answer their phone. Dear Pen10, I'm expecting a parcel from Germany (sent 23/12/14).

Checked DHL Global Mail website for information about where I could collect my parcel (there was no card or message). query with the dhl tracking number, and under tracking number of dai will be the tracking number that works with au . tracking from 26, 2015 PM LT Perth, AU Handed Over to Partner Carrier Mar 25, 2015 PM LT Perth, AU Cleared Customs Mar 16, 2015 AM ET New York, NY, US Transport to Destination Country Mar 13, 2015 AM ET New York, NY, US Transport to Destination Country Mar 12, 2015 PM LT New York City NY Manifested for Outbound Transportation PM LT New York City NY Shipment Was Processed at Export Sorting Hub Mar 11, 2015 AM ET Secaucus, NJ, US Processing Completed at Origin AM ET Secaucus, NJ, US Processed AM ET Secaucus, NJ, US Arrival DHL e Commerce Facility Mar 10, 2015 PM GMT Electronic Notification Received tracking from Date Event Time Event Detail Event City27/03/2015 Shipment Delivered WEST PERTH WA27/03/2015 Out For Delivery PERTH WA26/03/2015 Handed Over to Partner Carrier Perth25/03/2015 Cleared Customs Perth21/03/2015 Shipment Arrived within Destination Country Perth16/03/2015 Shipment Departed Origin Country JFK13/03/2015 Shipment Departed Origin Country JFK12/03/2015 Manifested for Outbound Transportation New York City, NY12/03/2015 Shipment Processed at Hub New York City, NY11/03/2015 Customer Data Received tracking from Delivered WEST PERTH WAFri With Australia Post for delivery today PERTH WAFri Shipping information approved by Australia Post Open tool tip Fri Shipping information received by Australia Post I buy a lot of LEGO, and I usually got for the free shipping option which is handled by DHL Global Mail.

Until today I have still not received my package and Australia Post was not able to find any packaged based on reference number for DHL Global Mail Priority, nor the USPS International reference number. I'm not sure how their system works but my item only just this morning 6.5 days later has finally updated in the DHL system with"Arrival DHL e Commerce Facility" – presumably the ebay seller packaged the item but never took it to the post office until about 12 hours ago :/ Mine also says "Processing Completed at Origin" in the entries, so not sure what that means, I'm guessing this is one of their big shipping centers and from here it picks up pace.

Phone to DHL Australia is never answered, and messages left on voice mail were never responded. Mine you, the last bloody thing I got from the states through DHL went to Germany first (seriously!

:/ Dear Pen10, I'm expecting a parcel from Germany (sent 23/12/14).

Only pick-up place list don website was Brisbane airport. Normally, although the tracking is sketchy, it arrives quickly and without fuss.

Phoned DHL Global Mail on 1800 772 809 – kept on hold and eventually disconnected. It actually started with the LEGO store completely bugging out on me, to the point that INTERNET EXPLORER was more reliable for using the site.

Email takes them 2-3 days to reply which basically tells you they are unable to track after it is dispatched to USPS and USPS does not provide tracking for the service. ) FYI for anyone curious about this, ordered an item from the US on 06/Nov, It was shipped on 7'th their end.

They used DHL who then did some kind of carrier swap / redirect thing to USPS Intl?


  1. Im waiting for a package from DHL heres what it says on the SHipment History 9/14/10 Shipment Picked Up Millington, TN 9/14/10 In Transit Millington, TN its already the 18th and no updates on where the package is.

  2. If your package mysteriously stops moving after arriving at DHL Sort. Just received this mail from DHL tracking. guy and has been posted by normal DHL not.

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