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David lautour dating

“These guys were, like, 50 to 60 years old and, anyway, she ended up getting free printing out of the creepy printing man.

That stuff is expensive, so I tell her, ‘Go for gold, babe!

“I’ve always imagined life with kids, so it’ll happen at some point,” she admits, “but I’m not ready to focus on another human life just yet.”Next up is a trip to Vancouver for an acting workshop and then, hopefully, a second season of Westside back in Auckland.“I love working in New Zealand, especially on such a fantastic show,” says Antonia, “but I’m still committed to establishing a career overseas, so I do have to say no to some jobs here – and Gareth is really encouraging of that.

He’s actually more ruthless than me, which is very generous of him.

On her most recent trip to Los Angeles, Antonia Prebble kept getting propositioned.

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The project, which he’s working on with girlfriend, actor and fellow Westside star, Hannah Marshall, is a mini-series called ALi Bi — an online murder mystery series.

“We have a wickedly talented cast and crew on board and can’t wait to bring something fresh to New Zealand screens.

“ALi Bi explores the murder of 17-year-old Jodie Hunter and the web of lies at the heart of the rural NZ community in which she lived.

A lot of people are surprised we’re still together, but we don’t see any alternative.

Even when I am home, we still have our own lives and our own commitments.”On Antonia’s most recent return to New Zealand, however, as well as promoting her TV3 series Westside, she and Gareth packed in a lot of couple time, going camping, attending a friend’s wedding and visiting her family’s bach in Abel Tasman National Park.“I’ve been going there with the family for 25 years and it’s my special place,” says Antonia.“So to be able to take Gareth there and have a few days of just us was awesome. There’s no power, no interference, no distractions, so we could just reconnect with each other.“The house is right on the beach and Gareth collected bucketloads of mussels to make this amazing coconut curry, and we did some swims and beautiful bush walks.


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