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Still, he only had a twin bed, and I knew I'd probably have to fight him off with a stick if we slept in the same bed together, but perhaps against my better judgment, I agreed. Although I wasn't going to answer this obviously loaded question. As primed and welcoming of him as my pussy now was -- despite having only felt about half his length before -- he slid into me relatively easily this time, at first.I would have to break my own normal rule about always having a bra on, because there was no way I was going to sleep in one. He was on me in a nanosecond, that gorgeously muscled torso rising up over me and pushing me down onto my back on the couch, one hand holding one of my wrists, as the fingers of his other hand found my rib cage. He stood there, those amazingly jacked arms at his sides, seemingly ready for anything. I shook my head "no." "You don't like sleeping alone? Not that it wasn't a huge shock to the senses again -- it absolutely was, especially from this new angle.They say beautiful faces tend to include large eyes and a large mouth, plus good skin, high cheekbones, and symmetry -- and I've been blessed with all of those. If I did, I'm sure he'd be coming over to recreate it. And I had to admit, I looked pretty fucking hot, if I do say so myself. I just said "photos." He took it with him to his bedroom. There was a mirrored closet door across from the beds so I could see him as he found the photos. "I want to feel you so bad," he continued, really pumping himself now. They just seemed to go on and on, pulsing out of that giant cock head in long, thick streams, spraying onto his ripped torso, then dripping down the side toward the bed. I'd put this guy's cum in my mouth, for God's sake -- cum that was really meant for me, and inspired by me! ----- "It's just this once, and I won't cum..." he continued. When I did, he grinned the grin of a conqueror, who was finally reaching his prize.I suppose if I had blue eyes that would complete the picture you're probably forming as you read this, but -- sorry to disappoint you -- my eyes are brown. But I have to admit guys don't tend to stare into them as their first option -- unless maybe I'm wearing a parka or something. I just remembered, in that moment, that I had them on my i Pad. And I could watch as he unbuckled his shorts, and pulled them off. It was already hard when he took it out, so it sort of flopped firmly against his hard stomach. I guess "marveled" is the right word to describe me watching as he wrapped his big hand around it and began to stroke it gently. He had some moisturizer next to the bed, and I watched as he took a squirt into his palm and really began working his incredible shaft now, using his other hand to scroll through my pictures. "I know it will never happen, but God if you were my girlfriend I would give it to you so good. I'd protect you, I'd provide for you, and I'd love you so slow and so passionate and so deep..." God this was turning me on. He grabbed his underwear and used it to catch the cum and wipe himself clean. I couldn't believe I was in here with him, and this had just happened! I quickly washed my hands, only to notice, as I turned to go, that some of his fluids had gotten on my top, too. "I just want you to feel it." Well, that would at least be one distinction -- if he didn't cum. He had stopped thrusting when I started talking, even pulling back to just the crown. For a split second I realized that that was probably all I was to him, but before I could even register this completely, I felt his cock start to force itself into me more fully, inch after thick, hard inch.I was definitely not wearing a parka the first time I met the second of Kieran's two suite mates at his dorm. It was no joke to say his cock was twice as big as Kieran's. "God, you're so hot," he moaned -- his first acknowledgement that I was in the room. The feeling was insane, it was like being impaled by a sword or something, and I was lying there on my boyfriend's couch (yes, he'd bought it), just taking it, as his big-dicked, cocky, trash-talking muscle head boyfriend was taking me, in the most complete way a man can take a woman. My mind was racing as he flipped one of my legs over his head and turned me over onto all fours, so he could drive his cock into me more efficiently from behind.After a few drinks and a long makeout session in the common room that he shares with two other guys, one night, Kieran practically begged me to sleep over. I like that position too." "Most guys do." "Does he press it up against you pretty firm-like? He doesn't do anything I don't want him to do." "I'm sorry for what I did. It had to be like eleven or twelve inches long, but it was also really thick -- as big around, proportionally, as it was long. His huge condom-less cock was knifing up into my unprotected, tight little feminine essence, its size an obscene affront (I used the thesaurus for this) and an outrage as it just insistently carved its way up into my body. I knelt there on all fours like a dog, out of my mind with a mix of lust, ecstasy and outrage as he took a moment to pull my underwear down, gently holding each leg as he slipped it down past my feet and rendered me totally naked.When I was in high school my mom got me into pageants, and I was a runner up for Miss Teen Georgia. Before the moment could get any more uncomfortable, I changed the subject: "Baby I'm so glad you're patient with me. There was one more step I'd have to allow to happen, before taking the time to really agree and decide to let him inside of me. Anyway, as I said, I wasn't really even thinking about it as I climbed back on his lap and resumed kissing him, and barely noticed anything significant when the tip of his index finger found its way past my panties again -- other than to immensely enjoy the pleasure of it stroking up and down the lips of my vagina, and occasionally finding my clit, for a white hot explosion of sensation.I also got voted homecoming queen my sophomore year, which I guess was a really unusual thing, but it was more trouble than it was worth, because a lot of the girls kind of turned against me -- and I took myself out of the running my last two years. Sometimes men would stop me on the street or in restaurants, giving me their card and telling me they were "in the business," but I was like, "whatever," and didn't really trust it. I know it's hard." "No, not at all." "You're such a gentleman. And so it really didn't feel like any big deal when he lifted me up by the sides of my waist, and gently laid me down onto the couch on my back, so he be on top of me and resume kissing from that position, one we'd never been in.

Of course, he didn't love this, especially when he realized, early on, that that included my breasts -- that he wasn't going to touch me there, and I wasn't going to take my top off -- or at least would make him stop at my bra. I'm sure he must have been thinking something very different, though, as my kisses led me back up the middle of his stomach and chest toward his face, with my hand holding and caressing his enormous shaft.

Part of the problem was that the guys I was with tended to come so quickly that I barely even got a chance to get heated up. " "I just wanted to give your i Pad back." I didn't say anything. I got up and snuggled into Billy's lap as I thought about this, luxuriating in the feel of those big strong arms going around me, and barely noticing that my bare legs were on his, and also in contact with his cum-soaked penis.

They always apologized, and said it didn't normally happen, and it was because I was so beautiful and they were so excited to be with me, etc., but the next time, it would often be the same thing. I felt somewhat better, despite knowing what a bad girl I'd been. I then realized his cum was in danger of getting on my dress, and I decided it would be easier to just take it off.

I wasn't that hard to convince, as I was tired, enjoying his company -- and the kissing, of course -- and have to admit I'm not the closest of friends with my own roommates, one of whom I share a bunk bed with. He was circumcised, and the crown was significantly wider than the shaft, even. I could have taken this moment to cry foul, to get up, to leave, but I didn't.

Kieran had lucked into getting a bedroom to himself -- while the other two guys in the suite had to share the other one. I lifted my foot helpfully for him and then resumed the position willingly -- back arching, waving my hot little tight ass back and forth to him, spreading my knees on the floor a bit further to open myself up to him more, and then gritting my teeth as he took a thigh in each hand and found my opening again with the incredibly thick head of his cock.


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