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So maybe true love really WAS just around the corner. Liebe Unternehmer, Liebe Unternehmer und Netzwerker, Startups und Freelancer,nach dem ersten erfolgreich durchgeführten Business Speed Dating folgt im Juli nun schon das nächste.It’s just about taking the time for yourself to be sure that you’re making the right decision to keep yourself safe.Have a watch of this video and find out how you can make simple changes to help protect yourself from scammers and to see the speed dating in action: (Did you spot me? I’m sure you’re all keen to know whether or not I met any potential partners! On the one hand I wanted to tick yes to everyone just to see who matched with me, (for research purposes obviously), but in the end I decided that that would be a bit misleading for people, given that I’m not actually looking to date anyone in London.’ ‘I think they have to scam ME,’ I said, ‘but I know there’s going to be ‘a twist’. Maybe they just watch and laugh at how gullible I am?? Whereas Annabel’s standard position is to assume everyone is lying unless they produce scientific evidence to prove otherwise, it never occurs to me to even consider that a person might not be telling the truth.

‘I’m going to a speed dating session being run by Nat West to show how easily you can be emotionally vulnerable to online scams,’ I told her.There was speculation, circling, more prosecco – everyone was clearly intrigued.I felt like a spy, undercover at an exclusive venue in central London. (I should add here that I didn’t actually deceive anyone, even though I *felt* like a spy.I did tick yes to a couple of people who I thought might make fun friends, and one was a match, but then the Original Dating site teases you – ‘five people ticked yes for you!’ Only you can’t see them, because you didn’t pick them. All of the attendees were genuine singletons, members of dating agency Original Dating.They knew they were taking part in something a little bit unusual, but none of the daters apart from me knew at this point that it was an event about scams.Anmeldung und Durchführung sind dabei ähnlich zum letzten.Hier nochmal die Besonderheiten zum Business Speed Dating – with a Twist:1. Zum Steckbrief: Der Steckbrief ist eine PDF Seite im Hochformat Neben den Standardinfos wie: Logo Unternehmensbeschreibung Kontaktdateneinem Bild von euchhilft es den anderen Teilnehmern zum Netzwerkern auch, wenn ihr folgende Fragen in ein bis zwei Sätzen beantwortet: Ich suche (den Kontakt zu): (Branchen oder speziellen Personen, Feedback, Referenzkunden,...)Ich habe Kontakte in/zu: (Branchen, Netzwerken, Gruppen,...)Sprecht mich an auf: (Interessen, Kooperationen, Empfehlungen, ...)Ich freue mich auf eure Anmeldungen und auch auf spontan Interessierte, die uns beim offenen Netzwerken ab 21.00 Uhr im Innenhof beiwohnen.Quite possibly the fault of the prosecco, but more proof, if any were needed, how easy it is to find yourself off your guard. Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings and Jane Howard, Managing Director at Nat West, have some tips on how to avoid falling prey to scammers online and even in emotionally charged situations.It doesn’t mean you have to close yourself off to new people, or become horribly cynical and suspicious.


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  2. Sep 10, 2017. By Renee Bogatko, Image Credit – ljupco/123 Sick of swiping left and right? Feel like you're spending more time filtering out the duds.

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