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At present there are 14 Open Field farmers, cultivating about 480 acres.

The former extent of Medieval ploughing within Laxton is now difficult to judge.Clearly there had been a reduction in thearable area at some point prior to this date.The reasons for this reductionremain obscure, but the significance of the development of the sykes in terms ofthe historic landscape of Laxton is that they preserve, under grass, traces ofridge and furrow dating from at least the early 17th century, possible muchearlier; these are among the only traces of Medieval agricultural featuressurviving within Laxton.Today, the village of Laxton in Nottinghamshire is well known nationally for thesurvival of the system of Open Field farming.A substantial part of the farmlandwithin the parish has escaped enclosure, both by act of Parliament and privateagreement; this unenclosed land is organised in to three open fields, farmed incommon, with tenants holding land in strips.A wealth of documentary and cartographic information on the village and itsenvirons also exits.A series of maps of the parish survive, the earliest datingto 1635.This led to a recognition of the need to improve recording andunderstanding of the historic landscape and to develop a strategy for monitoringthe state of known landscape features, particularly where changes in land use arebeing introduced.The Open Fields The sinuous earthworks produced by ploughing in the Medieval period undoubtedlyonce covered much of the land within Laxton parish.A wide range of other earthworks relating to the medieval history of Laxtonsurvive across the parish.These include a fine motte and bailey castle,fishponds, mill mounds and well-preserved areas of ridge and furrow.


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