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The hospitality industry led all job titles for workplace romance, with a full 47 percent of workers in this field who have dated a co-worker.Fields that work with a great deal of data, like financial services and IT, are also in the top five.62% of workers say they’ve gotten romantic with a coworker. With 38 percent of American workers admitting they have dated a co-worker during their career, there is obviously something to the whole love at the office topic.Perhaps more surprising, 31 percent of those who have dated a co-worker ended up marrying that person.

It turns out that people are more likely to connect with someone they work with, be it higher or lower in the companies’ ranks, than they are to avoid someone because of what they do.

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Having something in common career wise with a potential date plays a role to about 19 percent of workers.

While many workers will date within the workplace, there is a considerable amount of caution taken with letting this fact be known, since some 37 percent of them do not tell others about that romance.


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