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This module is designed to interrogate some of these changes through one particular driving force – controversies.While controversy may sound enticing or exciting, it should be kept in mind that many of these controversies massively affected the lives of researchers, research participants and others – in some cases resulting in deaths or policy shifts that detrimentally impacted on the lives of informants and those around them.Assessment: 1 x 4,000 word report (postgraduate level) Contact hours: 1x 1 hour lecture per week, 1x 1 hour seminar per week, 4 hours independent study per week How is it possible to begin to understand something as complex as London from an anthropological perspective?Does it make any sense to try and make sense of London?

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Issues which will be raised include the status of the body; biological or cultural, the sex/gender distinction, kinship and concepts of the person, in the light of gender theories, psychoanalytic approaches to gender, sexuality and the body, race and colonialism, resistance and power politics.The module considers how we explain violence, the specific problems of researching this topic, the involvement of anthropologists in military projects and other issues.We will be looking at the practices of researching, writing and engaging with violence and the problems these pose contemporary anthropologists.The course will explore the role of photography, sound, and film in anthropology in terms of both the history of their use within the discipline, and also the potentials they hold for new ways of working as anthropologists.We will consider certain key questions about the use of visual and aural material in an anthropological context and this will necessarily involve a consideration of practical work produced in fields outside of anthropology, such as fiction and documentary film more generally, photojournalism, and contemporary art, as well as the work of visual anthropologists.In the process of understanding anthropological perspectives on important topics that affect our everyday lives and the world as a whole, we will develop a familiarity with the state of anthropology today and how we got here.Contact hours: 1x lecture per term, 1x 2 hour seminar per week, 3 hours independent study per week Assessment: 1x 1500 word report, 1 x presentation Students explore the interrelationships of gender, sexuality and the body by bringing together ideas from contemporary Western social/cultural theory (including psychoanalytic, feminist and queer theories), detailed ethnographic and historical case studies, and anthropological theories.The intention of the course is to give students a challenging and creative view of the potentials for using audio-visual material within anthropology.Contact hours: 1x 1 hour lecture per week, 1x 1 hour seminar per week, 4 hours independent study per week Assessment: 1x 1500 word report, 1x presentation The Anthropology of Violence looks at the ways anthropologists have dealt with violence.What would an anthropology of London need to include?How would it go about collecting the relevant information?


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