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He told reporters that the sites will likely yield more discoveries after further excavation.

A recently discovered gilded mummy mask is displayed after it was found in a disturbed context of the hall way of a burial chamber dating back some 2,500 years at an ancient necropolis near Egypt's famed pyramids in Saqqara, Giza, Saturday, July 14, 2018.After learning proper methods and experimental design, he became fascinated with the prospect of his own original research on the topic.Unfortunately, his degree path in forensic psychology limited his ability to conduct any research on nonverbal communication that would actually be applicable to the real world.Eastman's success as a professional poker player placed him in the financial position to fund his own research.Throwing all of the chaotic academic red tape and grant approvals aside, he set out to learn more about this growing topic on his own.(AP Photo/Amr Nabil) The discovery which includes a mummification workshop and a shaft, used as a communal burial place, is located at the Saqqara necropolis of Memphis, the first capital of ancient Egypt.Memphis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its vast necropolis are home to a wide range of temples and tombs as well as the three renowned Giza pyramids.A photographer films a gilded silver mummy mask found on the face of the mummy of the second priest of Mut, as it is displayed during a press conference in front of the step pyramid of Saqqara, in Giza, Saturday, July 14, 2018.Archaeologists say they have discovered a mummification workshop dating back some 2,500 years at an ancient necropolis near Egypt's famed pyramids.Among the artifacts found were fragments of mummy cartonnages, canopic cylindrical jars and marl clay and faience cups.Many will be displayed in the under-construction Grand Egyptian Museum, the first phase of which is expected to be inaugurated later this year.


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