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Dating work colleague tips

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In fact, a survey last spring of 2,000 people by the career intel company Vault found that of respondents had some sort of romantic fling with a colleague.

15 percent of women and 22 percent of men have had random workplace hookups, while less than 10 percent of women and men met spouses at work.

Below, get their top tips for dating a colleague—and learn from their mistakes, so you don’t have to make your own!

Before you get involved with someone you work with, of course, you should spend a little time reflecting on whether this is something you really want.

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With relationships, the stakes can be higher because you’re looking at something with an open time frame, and you don’t know how it’ll end.“ All three women emphasize the importance of not rushing anything, assuming you’re actually dating or in a relationship with a coworker, rather than just having a fling. Remember, once you’ve told people before you’re ready, you can’t take it back, so it makes sense to be extra-sure before making any major decisions. As Americans work longer and longer days, one thing is inevitable: more and more time in the office.But for the single masses among us, that’s not always such a drag.Anna, 29, a publicist in San Francisco, says that at first she thought it was best to hide her relationship of two and a half years secret, but ended up regretting it.“I think it’s best to be honest with your coworkers,” she says.Jeni Elizabeth, a 33-year-old stylist in Los Angeles, met her now-husband at work and says she was extremely hesitant to date a coworker.“here are always jealous or nasty people who want to cause trouble.According to a survey of roughly 2,000 people conducted by Mic, the third-most common way people find romantic attachments is through work.Another survey, conducted by Career Builder, revealed that at least of all working professionals have confessed to dating a colleague in the past.


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