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I'm a single lady hoping somebody will cross my path thru these site.. I am wanting to find a very thin (skinny) young filipina girl, for a serious relationship and future marriage. I don't care if the girl is simple, plain, rich or poor. Searching for a descent man with descent conversation. With her male friends either married, engaged or gay, she has braced herself to settling for whatever comes, said Min, a 34-year-old from Taguig who works as an administrator.“In these times, it’s hard to be choosy,” she said.I said I wasn’t, primarily because it was sweltering, but he insisted. Or maybe I’m just stupid.” Sab, 28, an ER nurse from Quezon City, doesn’t believe in using apps but relies on Facebook messages and friends to meet potential dates.As I was about to leave, he commented that my clothes were a little loose and I should wear something tight-fitting next time. ‘With you, I’m sure my kids will be beautiful and smart,’ he explained. That has not spared her from her share of bad dates, though.One guy asked for a loan in the middle of their date, she recounted.

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Inquirer’s series of interviews with singles revealed that because of hectic work schedules, young singles turn to Tinder, Happn, Grindr, Bumble, OKCupid, Filipino Cupid, Badoo and other dating apps, which also allow them to get into several relationships at the same time.“When he saw me, the first thing he said was, ‘You don’t look 5’5”.He then insisted on dining al fresco so he could smoke, without even asking me if I was fine with that. “I still believe in finding love, even in places like Tinder.I won’t just sit here and wait for Prince Charming to get me.” He thinks the same way, said 33-year-old Merlion, an IT employee in Singapore, who usually meets women at social events and through dating apps.“It’s hard to date just one person at a time because things might not work out—people get busy, one of you goes on a long trip, the girl gets flaky…” His app of choice? I found its pool of users interesting, a lot of professionals with impressive educational backgrounds, careers and stints living abroad.” Francesca, 29, a marketing manager from Pasig, has met dates through common friends and Tinder since her relationship of six years ended in 2013. (But) I have an account at Filipino Cupid because my friends said I’d be more attractive to foreigners, whatever that means.” Lee, 22, a freelance consultant from Quezon City, said he has become more aggressive and dates several people at the same time. ” PR manager Sari, 31, said she ended a two-year relationship with her boyfriend because “he said he couldn’t keep up with me and couldn’t see me in his future.” She’s not currently dating, she said. Right now, I am dating myself and mastering self-love.“It’s not very easy to find men who will date transwomen openly,” she said.Dating sites and apps are “really more convenient” given her busy schedule, so now she lives by her philosophy: “Collect and collect then select!He said his ATM card got damaged and he had left his credit cards somewhere.He promised to pay me back the next banking day, but he didn’t.Though he thinks he shouldn’t be dating right now, as his work demands too much of his time and attention, Dick said he is “open to a relationship” should he meet the right person and find a way “to balance work and personal life.” Sarah, a 31-year-old public relations professional from Makati, recalled the best date she’d gone on recently: A full-day affair that started with breakfast at Salcedo Market, lunch and a massage in Tagaytay, and dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Makati.After ending a five-year relationship with a boyfriend who was “always noncommittal about marriage,” Sarah has been dating men introduced by friends or those she met through Tinder and Happn.


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