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Dating website adjectives

Some dating apps have features that help you choose your strongest photo, like Tinder’s “Smart Photo.” The app will continuously test your photos to see which are performing the strongest, and automatically select the best one as your primary photo.

According to Tinder, users who took advantage of this feature saw a 12% increase in matches.

Your profile should be 70% about you, and 30% about the type of woman you’re seeking.

Studies have shown this ratio is the most attractive to women.

And the ones who do respond aren’t the caliber of matches you really want to meet. She’s noticing tiny details in every photo, like your expression, your posture, even your clothing and what’s in the background – and she’s judging you on all of it.

Through a process called “thin slicing”, all those little details instantly impact how she feels about you. If you want to score dates with the most attractive local women, you need to make sure she likes everything she sees.

Tons of guys say they like to hike, but you might be the only one who describes hiking like this:“It starts with a double knot at the laces.

You can tell a travel story or describe a vivid memory, anything that will elicit an emotional reaction or engage her imagination.

Wielding my calculator like a set of flaming nunchucks, I cause auditors to shrivel back into their cubicles in shame.”Paragraph 4: Now’s the time to tell her what you’re looking for in a woman.

You don’t want to be too specific, as that might alienate some women.

Paragraph 3: Describe what you do for a living in a sexy way.

You want her to know you’re a desirable mate – financially stable and able to provide her with the finer things in life. For instance, if you’re an accountant, try describing your job like this:“Monday through Friday, I’m a ninja-with-numbers, defending “the people” against the IRS.


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