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Dating vintage zildjian cymbals

It should also be mentioned that these are also often referred to as Stamp III because of the big K.

This site is set up so that you can send (or post to a forum) a link to a particular photo and description. What you do is go to the Year by Year Timeline and click on the link to the picture you want.

For example, it might be a link to the Hollow Ink Logo on the bottom of a cymbal.

The link will end in #Hollow Ink Z and if you copy this link and then paste it into an email or into a forum post it will be a direct link to that entry.

The so-called new stamp looks very similar to the intermediate stamp, with the main difference being the size and location of the star above the crescent moon.

Also, the stamp seemed to imprint the English more thoroughly than with the intermediate stamp, but there is often double stamping, as the cymbalsmiths pressed the stamp twice by hand.


  1. How To Date a vintage Zildjians using the maker's stamps - Each Zildjian cymbal bears Manufacturer's markings that allow us to date the cymbal to a particular decade

  2. Dating A Zildjian Cymbals - posted in Cymbal Talk I spoke with a gentleman at the Zildjian factory the other day, who has been there for a very long time. Over 30 years.

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